The party planning continues...

Party planning was on the 'to do' for this past weekend. I'm really trying to be creative for Evan's 1st birthday party... I hope it's turns out just as I'm picturing it in my head!

I've been back and forth on the colour theme I want for his party and while I originally wanted it to be all about colour, I've now changed my mind (I know, I know, fancy that)... well, it's really because I found this colour theme on my visit to Michaels last week and I love it.

It's called Trucks & Trains, isn't it great? (my thinking, if I had a girl I would likely be doing pink & lilac or pink & green so why not)

I also made a trip to Ikea last week to pick up some lanterns... bought three.

B and I used Friday night to paint them... I hung in the garage to dry and then move them into the dinning room the next day.

We also started on his silhouette for my special 'pop' to the party decor...

Perhaps I'll leave the rest of the party planning details a surprise... check back after May 20th to see how it all played out! I can't believe he's 1 already.


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