Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Picture Gallery Wall

For a while now I've been wanting to get family photos up on the walls. It also gives me an opportunity to create a picture gallery which I've been craving for as well. I've chosen the family room for my picture gallery since it gets daily use and the kids may appreciate seeing their pictures up, as would the rest of us!

I wanted the picture gallery to balance with existing artwork I have in the room - see below - so I traced the entire frame onto plain paper to use as my guideline.

Here are three layout options I'm considering. I would like the frames to be both horizontal and vertical to allow for versatility in the photos. Which layout do you like best?

Here's where it would be placed on the wall -

Today I'm keeping the storage boxes below the gallery however, one day they will be replaced with a small desk or console, something like these options...
1) ikea @ 129.99 2) west elm @ $199. 3) pottery barn @ $499. 4) potterybarn $299.

I'm still considering pulling together an art gallery wall, somewhere in my home, where the frames and artwork are strategically arranged to look as though they weren't, but I'm concerned that the look will frustrate me over time. That said, I've come across some beautiful art walls like this one and this one, that are just lovely. Here are 2 examples from potterybarn...

I love the layout and mix match frames in the picture above but the picture below is more me. Perhaps I'll venture outside the box and give something like the above a try one day! Oh, I also love the deep blue with tan combination in these photo... would be perfect for a den or boys room.

Which layout do you favour? Let me know, I'm interseted in hearing from you!

Fabulous Finds | HomeSense

I was back at HomeSense yesterday looking for 'thank you' gifts for Liam's teachers. They've been special people to him/us for over a year so I was looking for something nice yet useful for everyday. I was in luck and found exactly what I was looking for - hope they like them!

While I was there, look what I found!

Need some help figuring out what to do with these pieces? No problem. Here are the magazine photo's that came to mind when I spotted these accessories...

1) wood scultpure...
H&H March 2006

H&H October 2007

H&H March 2009

2) quirky Philippe Starck stool replica...
H&H October 2008

3) pair of lamps, not quiet the same but similar to these...
Style @ Home January 2010

Ahhh, I knew there was good reason to keep old issues of magazines!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Style at Home October Issue - Must Have!

The October issue of Style at Home is fantastic! Here are some of my favorites...

My results from the decorating quiz 'what's your style' is a cross between these two decor palettes... BoHo Romantic & Tailored Glamour - love it! 
This palette is elegant yet playful and instantly had me rethinking my home inspiration board. To me this shade of pink is raspberry like, a pink / red blend which is so lovely. I love how the intensity of the colours makes it 'grown up' and takes it away from be childish given the pink & blue pairing.

Then I turned the page and saw this. This, I like too but I would need to add in some colour. To me this would be the starting point of pulling together a palette... a little black along with some blue or green would be nice here.

Moving on - they're calling it Oxblood & Ink. Pretty isn't it?

To complete this palette I would toss in grasscloth wallpaper, a Madeline Weinrib rug in watermelon or raspberry or a Dash & Albert rug in navy (sisal would work too!). I would use the wallpaper shown here for DIY art project for the wall which opens the doors to bringing in white accessories if you wanted an alternate to the blue.

Finally, how about the house feature from Vancouver, so pretty & classic.

The beatboard, scalloped wood detail (above the sink) and kitchen table add touch of country to the kitchen decor but it really doesn't overwhelm the decor theme from the 'new' traditional look. Which brings me to this...

They refer to it as "gentle formality"... I couldn't agree more. If you edit some of the desk like accessories & chair this setting could would as an entryway vignette... very pretty!

Here there you have it - my favorites from the Style at Home October issue but there's so much more, you really need to get a copy! If you do, tell me what some of your favorites are - I would love to hear from you. Happy Weekend!

P.S. if you're looking for a DIY project this weekend, head over to Isabella & Max Rooms for her amazing DIY sunburst mirror reveal, it's simply stunning! I would love to try this one myself one day.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Muskoka Cottage

Here's a peek at the lovely lakefront cottage which is among the prizes for this years Princess Margaret 'Welcome Home' Sweepstakes for Cancer Research.

Charming... not really cottage like though, other than the towering pines and private shoreline that is ~

the surround windows are beautiful!

loving the blue island with stained wood countertop!

the cedar ceilings are a nice touch

I love how they've incorporated blue throughout the house - bringing a little of the outdoors in. I hope I've sparked your interest! To see more pictures go here (and while you're looking at more pretty pictures perhaps buy a ticket or two - it's for a great cause and you have a chance to win some great prizes!)

I hope to attend the Oakville Showhome special preview this weekend... we'll see what the lineup is like.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

3 - 2 - 1 blastoff ! ! !

At 3.5 my little man Liam likes rocketships, thomas the train and occasionally robots come into the picture. Today, I took on a little craft project and made him a rocketship.

Step 1 - Made the body and the cone.

Step 2 - Made the legs and used blue construction paper to cover the cardboard.

Step 3 – Painted the other side of the cardboard legs (should have either painted both legs blue or used construction paper for both - oh well!) and added the finishing touches.

Viola - a rocketship! I'm pleased...

When I picked Liam up from school, I told him I had a surprised waiting for him in his room -he was asking for hints and guessing the entire ride home. When we got home, he ran to his room and it took all of 5 seconds for him to notice it. I could see he was holding back a smile so I asked why - he said, "I like it but I don't want to take a picture". When I put my camera away he was all smiles and playing. Later on, teased about not taking a picture and he said 'o-k-a-y', here's what I got - my sunshine!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Fabulous Find | the wingback chair

I popped into HomeSense the other day looking for a birthday gift and spotted this wingback chair. I think the solid grey fabric along with the nailheads really make this chair current.

It reminded me of this picture...

image via Style at Home, March 2010

Oh, by the way, if you love nailhead trim pieces and would like to see more, check out this post. Try this post for a wingback chair roundup from Design Sponge.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Reader Request | Purple Rooms {Part 2}

Here's part 2 of my reader request | purple rooms post. Enjoy!

nice modern feel - easy to replicate in a budget friendly way. image via kohler idea homes

image via house to home

deep plum on the seats, very rich! image via decorpad

image via decorpad

image via pure design

image via amanda nisbet

image via amanda nisbet

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stylish Shelves... in familyroom.

Shelves in the familyroom is very common these days. And, why not? Who wouldn't like more opportunity for storage and to showcase family pictures, treasures, art or books. Here's some inspiration pictures for stylish shelves in familyroom.

Wanna see more stylish shelves? Check out this post for a mix of shelves or this post and this post for stylish shelves in your home office.

Photo credits; Style at Home, Isebella & Max Rooms blog, Decorpad, Canadian House & Home, April 2008, Kimberly Seldon Design.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Madeline Weinrib Rugs

I’ve fallen for Madeline Weinrib Rugs. They’re colourful and whimsy… and, they’re expensive. I discovered Madeline Weinrib a couple of years ago and it was love at first sight! Today, I can spot her rugs without thinking twice and my longing for one of her rugs in my home beepens... perhaps, I should have started saving when I first fell in love.

The cotton Madeline Weinrib 'Mandala' Rug is one of my all-time favorite designs. Though it would be wrong of me not to mention my runner ups; which go to the ‘Megan’ rug and the ‘Zig Zag’ rug (see it here).

Here's my Madeline Weinrib rug round up... starting with my favorite!

Canadian House & Home, Sept 2008

PML Home 2009, Canadian H & H

Being the thifty gal I am, I've been able to source a couple of budget friendly look a likes for the Zig Zag and Buche rugs. Unfortunately, I have yet to find my favorite at a lower price point but nevertheless, here's what I've found.

Madeline Weinrib ... West Elm $39. - $649.

Madeline Weinrib ... IKEA $299.


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