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If you’ve been following my blog for some time you know that I have a thing for modern classic pieces, see it here, here or here, and while one day I’ll invest in the real deal today, I fancy more kid and budget friendly pieces via reproductions. Apparently I’m not alone in seeking iconic style that’s a little more pocket book friendly.

Recently, Canadian House & Home and Style at Home have featured homes with reproduction pieces among the design and if you only looked at the pictures, I doubt you would even know. Personally, I love that these magazines are showcasing the reproduction pieces just as they would the real deals... it’s nice to see.

 Reproduction Eames stool and lounge chair... you can find the stool in a variety of colours through house electric

Not long ago I bought a reproduction Eames rocker through Wire Home Furnishing, see it here, and the boys and I love it! Our bedtime routine now includes a story in the ‘new’ rocking chair… I even saw Liam rocking, looking at a book one day but there’s no chance I’ll ever get that picture. Still on my wishlist is a pair of ghost chairs... no, make that the bourgie lamp or perhaps a pattern chair... ah, there's just so many things I love! 


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