Monday, January 31, 2011

Dramatically Dark

Rooms painted in bold dark colors have been trending for several months now. I’m intrigued by how these daring colors create instant drama while adding glamour and sophistication. Not sure I could do this in my house but these images certainly spark some interest.


caldwell flake

Jan Showers

scoot frances

Luxury Interior Design Journal via Layers & Layers

SR Gambrel 2

windsor smith

dark room lonny

ron marvin

Are you daring enough to go dramatically dark in your house?

Photo credits; FLOR, Caldwell Flake, Jan Showers, Scott Frances, Luxury Interior Design Journal via Layers & Layers, SR Gambrel, Windsor Smith, Lonny and Ron Marvin.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Interior Design Show 2011

My girlfriend Odelya and I attended the IDS Opening Night Party last night. We had a great time checking out all the exhibitors… Design DNA, Miele, ELTE, Snob and many others. The Sibling Revelry showcase was creative, fun and featured beautiful spaces… here are photo’s of our favorites.

Sarah & Theo Richardson
{modern country and cheerful}




DSCF7002sorry about the picture quality…  only afterwards did I realize my camera was on the wrong setting

David & Glenn Dixon
{modern & glamorous} the ceiling was covered with origami. It took a week to create them and over 12 hours to hang them all!




Remember the whimsical feather accessory Candice Olson used over top the bed in the monochromatic bedroom makeover, I blogged about it here, she picked it up from Snob located downtown Toronto. Each one is handmade, comes in a variety of colors and is guaranteed bug free. It’s even more glamorous in person! The one shown here was already sold.



Some other things on the exhibit floor…








Sarah & Tommy’s Panton Chair for the Casey House fundraising campaign.


Our picture opportunity with some design guru’s…



Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sarah 101 {Loft Bedroom}

Loft living always has me intrigued so naturally, I was drawn to this loft bedroom makeover. I love the rustic elements in this room, the white washed exposed brick, the wood ceiling and concrete floor – all great features.

Andrew asked for POW and POW is what he got! The natural jumping off point for a room this large – fabric! Not sure that the dragon floral fabric would have been my choice for a bachelor pad but overall, it came together really nicely.

Sarah 101 Image 2

Here’s that fabric up close…

Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon

Some other close ups from the HGTV website…

Sarah 101 loft bedroom 2

Sarah 101 loft bedroom 3

Sarah 101 loft bedroom 5

3 Take A Ways. If there are many windows in a single room, use the same fabric throughout however, change up the application. If using a bold fabric for upholstery, use piping in a contrasting color – something that compliments the original fabric. Sarah choose white piping for the accent chair. The key to mix & matching different styles, in this case, it’s industrial with finer elements, is having an equal balance of both elements sprinkled throughout the room.

What do you think?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blogiversary & Giveaway

1 year anniversay Lonny

I can't believe a year ago today I started this blog. When I started out I really had no idea what I was in for or could have predicted the year in the making. What a year it’s been. Blogging does takes a lot of time but it has added a another level of happiness to my life and I truly enjoy it. The design blogger community is like no other I’ve experienced, instantly making friends with people who are passionate about life not mention the endless amount of inspiration available from beautiful spaces to home DIYs. I’ve been fortunate to have meet many design bloggers, their enthusiasm for design is electrifying and I whole heartedly enjoy reading their blogs.

Thank you for being my guest, I'm grateful and I enjoy reading all your lovely comments. I hope you’ll stick with me in 2011!

What better way to celebrate than with a giveaway so I’m thrilled to be hosting one for you courtesy of Wire Home Furnishing. One of my earlier sponsors is back, yay!

Which do you fancy?

the mini m lamp

mini M     mini M gold

Yanic Simard Toronto Interior Design Group

toronto interior design group mini m gold


the eames style DSR chair (5 styles to choose from!)

Eames Style Side Chair

making it lovely

eames chairs houzz

Exciting isn’t it? To enter, leave a comment letting me know which item you would choose if you won. For extra entries and please post a separate comment for each…

  • Become a guest of Desire to Decorate via google or facebook
  • Follow me on Twitter 
  • Mention this giveaway in a post or tweet, then leave a comment letting me know

Open to Canadian & US residents only. Entry period closes at midnight PST, Sunday, February 6th, 2011. The winner will be selected via and will be announced on Monday, February 7th.

Good Luck everyone!

Picture credits: Lonny, Yanic Simard of the Toronto Interior Design Group, Making it Lovely and Houzz

Monday, January 24, 2011

Guest Blogger | Jamie Herzlinger

A few weeks ago I was flipping through the pages of Adore Home Magazine and fell in love the beautiful spaces featured on pages 55 – 66. Being a design enthusiast, I saved the photos for my own inspiration files and for potential blog material. Fast forward 2 weeks, I received an email from Jamie inquiring about my little ‘ol blog. Wouldn’t you know, the spaces I was admiring just a few weeks earlier where the works of her design magic - how weird is that? Needless to say, I’m thrilled to have Jamie as my first ever guest blogger, please welcome Jamie Herzlinger, from Jamie Herzlinger Interiors.

I am so excited today to be guest blogging for Wendy seeing as I am completely obsessed with her blog! My name is Jamie Herzlinger and I am an interior designer with firms in Scottsdale and New York, and I am also a blogger myself. Since it the beginning of the New Year I thought I would share some design trends that I have seen progressing and that I think will really blow up this year.

Styles have really become popular recently. Actually, design styles have been around since the start of time beginning with the Egyptians that originated their own style. What I really mean to say is that people have recently become more cognoscente of style. Style characteristics seem to be more widely recognized and with the current craze of online magazines and even social media, brands are beginning to associate themselves with very specific styles. I am sure you have noticed that Traditional Home doesn’t just feature “traditional” interiors. Some times it can get pretty comical seeing the style names that editors come up with like “cozy rustic chic” or “soft romantic contemporary”… um what!?

Despite the multitude of style names that are out there, I have found there is a relatively small pool of styles that the public is attracted to and you see designers repeating those same styles again and again. After all of my observations of 2010 I think that I have come up with the top three styles that people are loving and will be totally hot for 2011.

Warm Modern: There will always be a love for the clean and simplicity that is associated with modern interiors, but people right now are not loving that cool and edgy feeling that once was popular. The answer is warm modern with combines the straight lines with a warm color palette. In this picture of a bedroom I recently completed, you can see the strong use of warm woods. Modern is not know for a large exploration of color so what I am finding is that designers are substituting direct color in the form of paint for tonal color in the form of material choices. Although not typical to modern, warm modern can feature more natural materials like wood and natural stone. One specific stylistic quality is a white (or almost white) wall. These white walls create a backdrop for furnishings and materials to make the statement. White walls really open up a space and create a bright and clean feeling.

You can see warm modern being used by designers like Vicente Wolf, Kelly Wearstler and Waldo Fernandez.

soft modern original

above… Jamie Herzlinger Interiors

modern warm 3 - Vicente Wolf

soft modern 2 - Kelly Wearstler

soft modern - Waldo Fernandez

Classical Modern: Classical modern is probably the hottest style around right now. Classical modern is not really a branch of modern at all but rather an interpretation of classical design. Classical design is pretty ambiguous since “classical” has made so many transitions through the years, but for the most part you can expect classical to refer to design from the renaissance to the Greco-roman revival. This large span of history is when people were looking retrospectively to the work of the Romans and Greeks and manifesting those styles to fit contemporary needs. Classical modern takes those stylistics characteristics of classical and modernizes it in the form of design finishes. If you look at this photo here you can see that many of the forms are of classical nature but the materials and finishes are modern. I have found that many people are nostalgic and find comfort is historic aesthetic.

You can see classical modern being used by designers like Victoria Hagan, Steven Gambrel and Katie Ridder.

classic modern original

above… Jamie Herzlinger Interiors

victoria hagan

classical modern 2 - Steven Gambrel

classical modern 3 - Katie Ridder

Hip Traditional: Although sometimes confused with classical modern, hip traditional is a prominent design style as well. Hip traditional takes traditional and modern elements and combines them in a fusion of styles. Unlike classical modern which modernizes classic elements, hip traditional lets the unique styles speak individually and collaboratively. This first image is of my own dining room. As you can see I the traditional table and drapery have been combined with modern lucite chairs and chandelier to create a funky unified interior. Hip traditional encourages bold color use and statement accessories.

You can see hip traditional being used by designers like Eric Cohler, Miles Redd and Stephen Sills.

hip traditional original

above… Jamie Herzlinger Interiors

hip traditional - Eric Cohler

hip traditional 2 - Miles Redd

hip traditional 3 - Stephen Sills

Although you’re not an expert on all the styles out there, at least now you have an understanding of some of the most popular. Keep an eye out for these styles online and in your favorite design magazines. Take inspiration from the designs and use some of the style characteristics in your home. Thanks for having me!

Great inspirational photos and some great insight… thanks Jamie! I encourage you to visit her website and of course, her blog.


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