Sarah 101 {Sophisto-Nursery}

I was excited and looking forward to this week’s Sarah 101 show for two reasons; yes, for the obvious, it was a boy’s room but I also love the blue & orange combination. If you have followed her as I have via her earlier shows she’s always delivered stylish nurseries staying clear of babyish or overly themed decor items… love it! Here’s a look the modern, ultra sophisticated boy’s nursery Sarah showcased last night.



Intrigued? Here are 3 Take A Ways on how you can achieve a sophisticated room that will grow with your child.

  1. Add pattern to the ceiling
  2. Experiment with complimentary colour palette
  3. Go bold with fabrics and consider spraying vintage furniture to make it work for you

A few other things to keep in mind…  Think Double Duty – evaluate furniture selections keeping in mind how they can serve for the immediate need and in the future. Art you can Afford – be creative! Frame $3.00 flashcards (as Sarah did), use pages of a favorite story book or DIY finger painting artwork is always fun. Link the Elements – play with pattern via wallpapers, fabrics and/or paint. Sarah’s attributes mixing fabrics (pattern & scale) as part of her signature style. In this case, she had 11 fabrics in the room - amazing!

Once HGTV updates their website, I’ll update the Sarah 101 button (on the sidebar) with the new video!


Diana Mieczan said…
OMG this is one of the sweetest rooms ever!! I love the colour mix:) Hugs and kisses

ps: I am hosting a sweet necklace GIVEAWAY, later today :) ... Please, join in!
I'm doing a nursery right now so this is all very helpful! Thank you!! Looks gorgeous
Ashley said…
I was excited to watch this episode as well as we are planning a nursery for two and I caught it early yesterday at lunch but I have to say that personally this just did not wow me... it honestly kind of hurt my eyes. I usually love her style. I do think the tips were great though about not buying all of the "baby" furniture pieces that will last you for such a short time and instead buying lasting items.
Unknown said…
I loved parts of this one- loved the lights, loved the idea of a papered ceiling (but not sold on this paper) and loved the blue/orange combo (and in particular the chair)- I wasn't sold on the whole thing together though- I didn't love the stripes and I agree with the commenter above, it seemed a little busy or something. Enjoyed the show though and thanks for the great recap.
Another amazing makeover by Sarah! I was so impressed! The room was definitely busy, but in a good way I think.
Staci Edwards said…
It was such a great episode - I heart Sarah & Tommy!
Unknown said…
Love them and love the show. Sarah has always been one of my favorites. I want a farmhouse and a cottage after seeing how beautifully she transformed hers.
Leah said…
I love the idea to add pattern to the ceiling!!

K&B by the Sea said…
Great round-up of last night's show :-) I love the wallpapered ceiling and the stripes on the wall and the curtains with the ball fringe.... OK, I love it all! :-)

The cool thing is that even though this is a nursery, pretty much everything Sarah & Tommy did could be incorporated into any room in your house.
Loved the color scheme and the drapes. The pops of orange were what sold me on it!

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