Oversized Chandeliers

While the rule of thumb for the right size chandelier for above a table is half the width of the table, why not break the rule, make a statement and go big - go extra big for that matter. These oversized chandeliers are magnificent... statement making absolutely. Stunning!

Venetian chandelier H & H

chandelier amy neunsinger

Paul-Sinclaire_-Dining-Room H & H

traditional home Tom Stringer

traditional home

jeffers design group



helen green

McGill Design GroupThis stunning chandelier from Oly looks to be the right size at the view however, the diameter of the chandelier is likely larger than the width of the table. I just love this photo so I had to include it!

One of my pet peeves is chandeliers that are hung too high. That said, I understand at times higher is required given the chandelier and of course, personal preference. The rule of thumb for height is 32 – 36 inches above the table.

Picture Credits: H & H, Amy Neunsinger, Paul Sinclair via H & H, Tom Stringer via Traditional Home, Traditional Home, Jeffers Design Group, Ny Interior Design, Princess Margaret Lottery Home via H & H, Helen Green and McGill Design Group.


i a sucker for big, fancy chandeliers!! these are all stunning! great picks!! xo

and head over to my blog... there's a giveaway!! :)
love the first one! i love the over-sized look.
Designwali said…
I love the oversized chandelier....so much sparkle!
Unknown said…
Gorgeous! And I agree wholeheartedly agree, bigger the better.
vosgesparis said…
I love that second picture maybe because I have the same walls ;)
Great pictures, Wendy, and I love the oversized chandeliers. I think the trick to them looking great is that they don't look too heavy. All of the examples here have an airy quality to them that really makes them work. Great collection!
Acbarnett said…
What gorgeous pictures of gorgeous chandelier's! The more glitzy the better. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a sweet comment!

Is there anything better than a fantastic chandelier? They are just so stunning. And an oversize one, why not??
quintessence said…
What fabulous finds!! And I much prefer chandeliers when they're large - make so much more of a statement.
K&B by the Sea said…
Oooh-la-la, I love a big sparkly crystal chandelier! Much better to go too big than too small when it comes to a gorgeous dining room chandelier :-)
These rooms are delicious! Thanks for visiting my blog!
Anonymous said…
What about huge instead of big! My dining room chandelier is 4' wide and 4' tall with 4 tiers. 10 lights on the 1st tier, 8 on the 2nd and 4 lights on tiers 3 and 4. The brass fixture is wider than my table and filled with huge crystals. The room is 13 by 18 with a sloping ceiling going from 9' to 18'. I have started to take off half of the crystals to reduce it's huge weighty look. Any ideas as to what else might work to reduce its imposing presence? Help!
Amy Dorssom McKenna said…
Can you give me any details about the last chandelier? I went to the Oly website and it wasn't listed. Do you have a name or any info so I can search for it?

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