Interior Design Show 2011

My girlfriend Odelya and I attended the IDS Opening Night Party last night. We had a great time checking out all the exhibitors… Design DNA, Miele, ELTE, Snob and many others. The Sibling Revelry showcase was creative, fun and featured beautiful spaces… here are photo’s of our favorites.

Sarah & Theo Richardson
{modern country and cheerful}




DSCF7002sorry about the picture quality…  only afterwards did I realize my camera was on the wrong setting

David & Glenn Dixon
{modern & glamorous} the ceiling was covered with origami. It took a week to create them and over 12 hours to hang them all!




Remember the whimsical feather accessory Candice Olson used over top the bed in the monochromatic bedroom makeover, I blogged about it here, she picked it up from Snob located downtown Toronto. Each one is handmade, comes in a variety of colors and is guaranteed bug free. It’s even more glamorous in person! The one shown here was already sold.



Some other things on the exhibit floor…








Sarah & Tommy’s Panton Chair for the Casey House fundraising campaign.


Our picture opportunity with some design guru’s…




Designwali said…
oh you lucky ladies! Great recap....
Staci Edwards said…
Fun! Loved the spaces and that Union Jack wall at Up Country is probably one of my favorites! I'm off to the show again today...
Happy weekend!
So fun! Thanks for all the great pics, I feel like I got to go too!

I love Sarah and Theo's room... and I think I spot an adorable Anthropologie dress in the corner too!
Unknown said…
I'm sad we didn't see you Wendy:( Looks like you had a great time though and I hope to get back this weekend too- so much fabulous to see!
Kristi said…
Thanks for sharing! I've been enjoying your blog for a while and am glad you have shown pictures from the show since I may not be able to make it this year :( Just curious though...who designed/manufactured the kitchen that you show in your pictures?
Wendy said…
Thanks Kristi! The kitchen shown here is from Cranberry Hill Kitchens, here is the website...
Anonymous said…
Oh man, I LOVE snob! Looks like they had an awesome exhibit booth :) Cheers for meeting Sarah and grabbing a photo - seems like she was very present at IDS and willing to snap pics with her many fans. It's good to hear/see she's so down to earth.

Thanks for making me feel like I've seen some of IDS all the way from Panama :)

*Tania @
Michaela said…
So fun!! I'm jealous...I LOVE Sarah Richardson (:
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