Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Sweet Saturday... Cupcakes!

I picked up a little surprise for our afternoon cappuccino today... I know I've talked about these little bites of heaven before but WOW, these flavours are just as heavenly as the others... a perfect afternoon treat! Hope you're having a wonderful Saturday!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Enjoy ~

Our long weekend may have a touch of this...

... can't wait! Whatever plans you have - enjoy!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

True or False?

The 2011 IKEA catelog is out... possibly. There's been lots of hype in blogoshere about the release of the 2011 IKEA catelog. Whatever the case, I'm happy to have found this... even if a sneak peak.
"Hooray for the everyday" so fitting. I love the way they feature everyday living scenarios throughout this catelog... it's great inspiration! Below gives you a peek inside but for the entire catelog go here. If you're looking for more, feel free to look here as well. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Home Office... Sneak Peek

... here's just a peek of how it's coming along.

We have yet to move the computer to the back desk and feed the wires through the cabinet... that's on our 'to do' list for this weekend. We're also waiting for the remaining shelf and sourcing a solution for the cabinet to allow for air circulation so the network units don't over heat. All in all it's coming along... maybe next week, we'll have the big reveal!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Reading Nook

Wouldn't it be nice if we had a quiet place where we can close out the world and get swept away into the world of fiction? For me, this place is my bed before I close my eyes at night but there's one problem - I fall asleep. I love to read novels and I do, but not as often as I once did. My love for reading got side tracked with kids and this year, with creating this blog... now, most of my reading is in blogoshere, where it's just as easy to get swept away. All in all, both B and I love to read novels and we would both love to have a quiet place were we could do just that, more often! One day ~

This collection of reading nooks are so restful looking and I would love one, but for me, something like the Eames Lounger Chair & Ottoman along with this "reading for profit" print somewhere in our house, would be more 'us'.

Any good books you've read lately? I would love to hear from you... happy reading!


Photos credits: Kohler Idea Homes, House Beautiful, Lounge Living, Angie Hranowsky Designs, Design Inc, H & H July 2010 and FLOR.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Stylish Shelves... via Simplified Bee

I came across this lovely blog last night, Simplified Bee, while I was sourcing images for post later this week. Here I found "Tips on Styling a Bookcase Like an Interior Designer" - what luck! Here's a snapshot of the inspiration pictures but be sure to take a peek at Simplified Bee for the great tips on how to achieve the look!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Sunny Summer Home

I love how design isn't always so serious... take a look at this cheerful California beach cottage that's fresh and playful. And, while it's still cottage-y, and, I could do without the scallop details, it definitely has a contemporary thread. I also love how although the space is only 1200 square feet its bright and bold throughout... who says small space decorating needs to be restrained?! Only 'happy' days here!

love the 'keep calm and carry on' picture in pink and the little pink fridge

This cheerful cottage was designed by Krista Ewart and featured in House Beautiful, be sure to take a peek at House Beautiful for more pretty pink pictures! (lol, sorry, I had too!)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Stylish Shelves... in the office.

Here's a few more bookshelf inspiration pictures until I get ours picture ready! Last night, while pulling together photo's for this post, I realized I could do a series of posts on bookshelves since we can find them all over the house! So consider this the 1st post of my stylish shelves series. However, I'll add-in my earlier post on organizing the bookshelves because the shelves are so... well, stylish! Enjoy!

this one is designed by Nate Berkus!

All images via flickr

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Organizing the bookshelves

Today, I'm starting on organizing and styling the bookshelves in our home office. Have you noticed that it's no longer just about books on a shelf? We need these shelves to be functional as well as stylish because you can see the cabinetry from our frontdoor. So while I get working on the shelves, I'll leave you with these inspiring pictures...

Canadian House & Home

For more tips and inspiration pictures go here, here and here. Now, I need to get working... have a great day!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Slowly but surely...

An inspiration photo and selective pieces for...

our home office project. It's moving at a turtle pace but that's okay...

You may remember this post, well, the solution was installed on Friday...yay! Yes, our solution to hiding all the computer essentials, wires, a filing cabinet while still allowing for more storage and displaying some special items has come.

Now, B needs some time to re route the wires and I need to switch over the file folders and organize the shelves. What an interesting project this will be... or shall I say stressful. Organizing the shelves may take a few trials... see, they need to be practical by storing things but it all needs to look nice because you can see this room from our front door!

I was experimenting with what colours will look nice against the cabinet so that's the reason for the few items on the shelves now. I really like the way the natural pine and white pops against the cabinet colour. I was thinking changing out the front desk with a new smaller one but I'm not certain yet because I like the contrast. What do you think?

The existing Ikea cabinet (in the lower right of the picture) will be coming out of the room once I get everything into the new cabinet. We're still waiting for one more shelf and the glass which goes overtop the middle desk. The middle desk will house our home computer, leaving the front pine desk for our laptops. More posts to follow as we continue with this home office project... slowly.

Pictures credits; Canadian House & Home, lighting from Hampton Bay via HomeDepot, baskets from Flamant, Moose from Carboard Safari, Magazine holders from Ikea.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Free Artwork for Kids...courtesy of OMHG.

If you look at 'my favorite etsy finds' you'll notice I have a thing for children's art & things, usually boy themed because I have two boys, so imagine my delight when I found this site.

Oh my handmade goodness. Such a cute little site dedicated to sharing... and here they're sharing free downloads; we have a party invitation, a greeting card and my favorite - artwork for kids! Love it and hope you love it too... enjoy!

Here's the one I'll be printing out. It's an 8 x 10 print, available in blue and pink... and, of course, I'll take it in blue... although I love this orange!

Garden Parties... Pretty.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bedroom Drapery = TBD

Since I wrote this post a few weeks ago, I've been pulling together inspiration photo's for my bedroom. I think I've nailed down the accent furniture, the layout and the main lighting but today, I'm only hoping to tackle something that's high on our wish list... drapery.

I decided against the art wall opposite the window and brought up a painting which I absolutely love that's been leaning up against a wall in our basement. I love the colours and the scenery is so soothing and quiet, I think it's perfect for my room. Here's what I'm talking about...

So this painting is my jumping off point. For colour, I'm liking robins egg blue, which is a nice blend of blue/green or tans with white. For patterns, I'm leaning towards geometric or big florals trying to keep things more contemporary and fresh feeling. Here's what I mean by 'fresh' feeling... and, yes, I love the shell chandelier! Don't you think it would complement the painting perfectly?

The fabrics hanging off the painting are samples I ordered from Tonic Living - an amazing online fabric store in Toronto - but while they are lovely, they're just not hitting the mark for me yet, unfortunately. However, I've added another to the consideration list...

Here are a few other contenders from the online fabric world...

I love all of these!!... from (website is currently down)

I love these too but possible a little too wild... from macfabfabrics in Toronto

I like these but a little on the traditional side for me... from fabricdotcom

Yes, I'm completely undecided, what do you think? Please feel free to help by sharing your thoughts.


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