Slowly but surely...

An inspiration photo and selective pieces for...

our home office project. It's moving at a turtle pace but that's okay...

You may remember this post, well, the solution was installed on Friday...yay! Yes, our solution to hiding all the computer essentials, wires, a filing cabinet while still allowing for more storage and displaying some special items has come.

Now, B needs some time to re route the wires and I need to switch over the file folders and organize the shelves. What an interesting project this will be... or shall I say stressful. Organizing the shelves may take a few trials... see, they need to be practical by storing things but it all needs to look nice because you can see this room from our front door!

I was experimenting with what colours will look nice against the cabinet so that's the reason for the few items on the shelves now. I really like the way the natural pine and white pops against the cabinet colour. I was thinking changing out the front desk with a new smaller one but I'm not certain yet because I like the contrast. What do you think?

The existing Ikea cabinet (in the lower right of the picture) will be coming out of the room once I get everything into the new cabinet. We're still waiting for one more shelf and the glass which goes overtop the middle desk. The middle desk will house our home computer, leaving the front pine desk for our laptops. More posts to follow as we continue with this home office project... slowly.

Pictures credits; Canadian House & Home, lighting from Hampton Bay via HomeDepot, baskets from Flamant, Moose from Carboard Safari, Magazine holders from Ikea.


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