Friday, September 6, 2013

The Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweepstakes Showhome

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to join the Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweepstakes Showhome contributor launch.

The Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweepstakes Showhome via Desire to Decorate

If you’ve been following Desire to Decorate for a while, you already know love symmetry, so this house got me from the outside! Love it!

This year’s showhome was indeed different. It was the first time interior designer Brian Gluckstein, and his design team, held the position of leading the design process for the house. And, true to Brian’s signature style, the house had a mix traditional and modern elements grounded by a neutral colour palette. This showhome radiates the ultimate entertaining home surrounded by glamorous d├ęcor. And of course, the design execution wouldn’t be possible if not for the work of home builder PCM Project and Construction Management.

Starting with the front entry. Almost reminiscent of the hotel lobby.
PMWHS-Showhome Foyer via Desire to Decorate

The first door to the left… the library.

The one trend I noticed immediately was the millwork, trim and baseboards were all painted the same colour. The crown moulding was the only detail painted white as were most of the ceilings.

… special highlights for two of my Juice Marketing Group clients… the drapery sheers are from JF Fabrics and the artwork is from Cocoon Furnishings.

To the right… the living room.PMWHS-Showhome-Living Room via Desire to Decorate

Just behind the living room is the staircase.PMWHS-Showhome-stairs

Another shout out for JF Fabrics!!! So thrilled to see such a great representation of JF Fabrics through out the entire house!!!PMWHS-Showhome-via Desire to Decorate

The upper level hallway. I have a thing for hallways, my house is open concept so we don’t really have any. And, I absolutely love the display terrariums.PMWHS-Showhome-Upperlevel Hallway via Desire to Decorate

The guest bedroom. If I recall correctly, each bedroom has a bathroom.PMWHS-Showhome-guest

The library from the upper level. The wallpaper is reminiscent of one available at JF Fabrics

… and looking down.
PMWHS-Showhome-Library via Desire to Decorate

The girl bedroom. PMWHS-Showhome-Girl Bedroom via Desire to Decorate

The boy bedroom.
PMWHS-Showhome-Boy Bedroom via Desire to Decorate

The master bath was spectacular.PMWHSShowhome-Master Bath via Desire to Decorate


Back downstairs… the dining room. Yes, that's me taking the photo!


Onwards to… the kitchen.PMWHS-Showhome-kitchen


Adjacent to the kitchen was the family room. I love the contemporary art wall display camouflaging the TV in the family room. 
PMWHS-Showhome-Family Room via Desire to Decorate

Moving to the lower level. As soon as you come downstairs, you’re greeted with the workout room! Wonder how many times I would walk right on by? Ha!PMWHS-Showhome-Gym via Desire to Decorate

The laundry room is right after the workout room… avoiding these areas although would be me.PMWHS-Showhome-Laundry via Desire to Decorate

I would likely carry onwards to the recreation TV area. And, of course there’s another bedroom with bath, bar area and wine cellar. PMWHS-Showhome-basement

The landscaping in the backyard was simple yet fabulous for entertaining.PMWHS-Showhome-Backyard via Desire to Decorate

Tired of looking at photos? And, there’s so much more to see! 

Want more client photos? Feel free to pop over here.

Tell me, what are some of your favourite design elements from the showhome?

Enough eye candy to get you contributing to a good cause? So if you’re in Toronto you should pay a visit to Oakville to visit this years’ Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweepstakes Showhome. You can do it visiting the official Help Conquer Cancer website here.

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