Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Neon Interiors

Over the weekend I read the March issue of LouLou Magazine and was pleasantly surprised at all the fashion and makeup inspiration offered. I was also taken back with neon hitting the scene again. That’s one trend I can easily say I can live without.

Since reading the magazine, I remembered seeing images somewhere of neon interiors so I was on the hunt for neon inspiration. After my searching, here’s the collection I pulled together… some nice, but they still haven’t changed my mind. Enjoy!

neon door house to home

neon tub apartment therapy

neon apartment therapy

neon painting madebygirl

neon house & home

pink neon passiondinterios

neon table design sponge

For more neon inspiration, feel free to check out my neon pin-board.

Photo Credits; house to home, house beautiful, apartment therapy, madebygirl, house & home, design sponge & elle decor

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Budget Decorating Ideas via Style at Home

I’m so excited to have been featured with so many other fabulous design bloggers in the Style at Home, Bloggers Budget Decorating Ideas Series. They had such a great response that they divided  the series into groups. To date we have; best ideas, best ideas :: paint and best ideas :: artwork. My idea was showcased as part of the artwork series. Thank you for including me in the series Elaine!



Here’s another budget friendly idea. Recently, I updated the drawer on my entryway console with a pretty floral fabric. The default one was plain and grey, needless to say, this pretty floral really spruces it up.

entryway drawer with pretty fabric

entryway drawer with pretty fabric D2D

Be sure to pop over to Style at Home, for a fabulous collection of budget-friendly decorating ideas!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sarah Richardson Redesigns A London Flat

I remember Sarah Richardson sharing Facebook updates of her travels to London last summer/fall, so needless to say, I was intrigued when I saw “London Calling!” on the cover of the March 2012 issue Canadian House & Home magazine. This London flat gets a complete overhaul by the team, and the ‘after’ is nothing short of stunning. Overall, the design style is much too regal for me, but there are elements that I love.

SR London Flat Livingroom

SR Longdon Flat Livingroom Collage

SR London Flat Kitchen

SR London Flat Familyroom

SR London Flat collage

SR London Flat bedrooms

Pretty, isn’t it? Of my favourite elements; I love the living room colour palette just as much as I love the watery blue with grey in the family room – the family room is too formal for my liking but I like calmness of the space (minus the coffee table).

The entire March issue of Canadian House & Home is dedicated to colour, so pick one up if you can – it’s a great collection colour inspired interiors.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sheep Skin Touches {Love it!}

Sheep skin rugs layered overtop larger rugs or propped over furniture seemed to be a popular trend in 2011. I like that it adds texture and softness, giving the space a sense of warmth.

My grandparents had sheep skins rugs at the foot of their bed, and I remember always wanting to bring one downstairs to play on. I have an inexpensive faux sheep skin rug propped over wicker storage boxes in my family room. I like it.

sheep skins collage

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Right now, I’m obsessing over these sheep skin benches. Real or faux, I think they add character and a sense of playfulness to the space. What do you think? 

sheep skin bench H&H Jan 2012


sheep skin bench unknown

sheep skin bench apartment therapy

Photo Credits; Canadian House & Home, Traditional Home, unknown and Apartment Therapy

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines Day 2012

Hope you enjoy it with those you love ~

I love pops of pink…

pink BHG

neutral elle decor

pink & gold chairs

Photo Credits; Better Homes & Garden, elle Decor and Martensen Jones Interiors.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nail Head Trim on Walls

For a long time now, we’ve been seeing nail head trim on dining chairs, headboards and accent stools, but recently, I’ve been noticing this little embellishment on walls and cabinetry. Have you noticed it to?

nail head detail AD

nail head detail unknown

atlanta homes magazine

nail head detail covetable designs

nickey kehoe collage

EK Design collage

I’m thinking it’s a no-go for me on walls, however, I love it incorporated into furniture pieces. What about you?

Photo Credits; Architectural Digest, unknown, Atlanta Homes Magazine, Covetable Designs, Nickey Kehoe, Elizabeth Kimberly Designs

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Millwork, Kitchens & Baths

I admit… sometimes stalk MLS. South East Oakville is my all-time favourite area to search – for no other reason than eye candy. The recent builds in that area always seem to have fabulous millwork and gorgeous kitchens and baths, seemingly working with insanely generous budgets. Recently, I came across this house and gasped.

front GM

millwork GM

living room GM

kitchen GM

kitchen GM2

family room GM

bath GM2

bath GM3

ensuite GM

laundry room GM

back GM

Yes, it’s grand but details are fabulous, non? It’s unfortunate that the home owners didn’t stage more rooms to give buyers a better sense of grandeur, but that would have been a pretty penny too. All in all, if you have 5M burning a hole in your pocket this lovely bungalow could be yours – see all the photos here.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hello, February

This week started on a low. The work family that I’ve come to admire, respect and enjoy working with is no longer. I think there’s a void for all us, and I think there will be void in the market. At the moment, I feel as though I have an abundance of energy, energy that I will now direct towards finding a new work family. Needless to say, let the adventures begin.

Here’s a collection of pretty in pink to usher in February… enjoy!

hello, february

pink life in a venti cup

pink vignette suzanne kasler

pink chair william waldron

pink spicerandbank[5]

Recently, I joined tumblr. I was feeling the need to capture more ‘pretty’, outside of my love for interiors. That said, my tumblr site is a collection of all things I find pretty and inspiring – all girl. If you’re on tumblr, join me, I think it’s going to be a fun ride. www.desiretodecorate.tumblr.com

touch of pink

Photo credits; we love it, life in a venti  cup, suzanne kesler and william waldron


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