Sarah Richardson Redesigns A London Flat

I remember Sarah Richardson sharing Facebook updates of her travels to London last summer/fall, so needless to say, I was intrigued when I saw “London Calling!” on the cover of the March 2012 issue Canadian House & Home magazine. This London flat gets a complete overhaul by the team, and the ‘after’ is nothing short of stunning. Overall, the design style is much too regal for me, but there are elements that I love.

SR London Flat Livingroom

SR Longdon Flat Livingroom Collage

SR London Flat Kitchen

SR London Flat Familyroom

SR London Flat collage

SR London Flat bedrooms

Pretty, isn’t it? Of my favourite elements; I love the living room colour palette just as much as I love the watery blue with grey in the family room – the family room is too formal for my liking but I like calmness of the space (minus the coffee table).

The entire March issue of Canadian House & Home is dedicated to colour, so pick one up if you can – it’s a great collection colour inspired interiors.


Anonymous said…
I think.this is a beautiful home but to be honest I prefer some of Sarah's earlier work which has had a few more modern elements to it. She is talented all the same!
Love her fresh take on traditional design!
robertjoseph said…
I love how the dining room and the kitchen seem to blend in together in the white/blue look.
Michael Richard said…
good points!Thanks for your share!

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