Neon Interiors

Over the weekend I read the March issue of LouLou Magazine and was pleasantly surprised at all the fashion and makeup inspiration offered. I was also taken back with neon hitting the scene again. That’s one trend I can easily say I can live without.

Since reading the magazine, I remembered seeing images somewhere of neon interiors so I was on the hunt for neon inspiration. After my searching, here’s the collection I pulled together… some nice, but they still haven’t changed my mind. Enjoy!

neon door house to home

neon tub apartment therapy

neon apartment therapy

neon painting madebygirl

neon house & home

pink neon passiondinterios

neon table design sponge

For more neon inspiration, feel free to check out my neon pin-board.

Photo Credits; house to home, house beautiful, apartment therapy, madebygirl, house & home, design sponge & elle decor


K&B by the Sea said…
I love the neon green front door in the first picture. I was tempted to paint my front door that colour a few years ago, but went with turquoise instead.

I love the vibrancy of neon colours, but I think they're best in small doses. The green tub is pretty cool :-)
Unknown said…
I think I'll grab myself a neon picture frame and call it a day. I'll leave the rest for my spring attire.
I kind of love the neon moderate doses. I think it works best when neon accessories are paired with dark or neutral backdrops or main pieces. These are great examples of balancing the two looks!
Unknown said…
I agree with you on the neon clothes. Even back in the '80's I was not a fan! However, those first two pictures, of the door and the tub, are pretty darn appealing!
Nice post! I love a touch of colour in a room, a touch of joy in a day!
Follow u right now ;)
Hena Tayeb said…
I love the neon door.. and little accents and splash of neon here and there look great.

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