Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Artificial Christmas Tree by Treetopia

My friends from Treetopia have reached out again this year. 

They sent an Alexander Fir artificial Christmas tree, 7.5 with clear lights, and it's absolutely beautiful.

I wasn't a believer in artificial Christmas trees however, Treetopia makes them life -like, easy to assemble, and with some adjusting of the branches they are ready to be dressed with Christmas decorations in mere minutes.

Artificial Christmas Tree by Treetopia

This one sits in our living room and I prefer to leave it without ornaments and it's equally beautiful. We've had up since mid November so to take photos, and my kids have been turning on the lights ever since. Yes, we're that crazy family that had tree lights before the Toronto Santa Claus parade. Oh well, that's prompted discussion with neighbours so it's all grande.

This Alexander Fir is a bit different that the Balsam Fir artificial Christmas tree. The foliage is different, almost soft and paper-like and not plastic. The branches fall easily, evenly and the shape is perfect. I should try for close up photo to illustrate what I'm referring to.  

Here's how it looks as they day changes to evening...

It's likely you already have your tree for this season however, if you're in need of a new tree for next year - pop over to Treetopia and get yours with them. They do not disappoint.

Happy Holidays!

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweepstakes Showhome

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to join the Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweepstakes Showhome contributor launch.

The Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweepstakes Showhome via Desire to Decorate

If you’ve been following Desire to Decorate for a while, you already know love symmetry, so this house got me from the outside! Love it!

This year’s showhome was indeed different. It was the first time interior designer Brian Gluckstein, and his design team, held the position of leading the design process for the house. And, true to Brian’s signature style, the house had a mix traditional and modern elements grounded by a neutral colour palette. This showhome radiates the ultimate entertaining home surrounded by glamorous décor. And of course, the design execution wouldn’t be possible if not for the work of home builder PCM Project and Construction Management.

Starting with the front entry. Almost reminiscent of the hotel lobby.
PMWHS-Showhome Foyer via Desire to Decorate

The first door to the left… the library.

The one trend I noticed immediately was the millwork, trim and baseboards were all painted the same colour. The crown moulding was the only detail painted white as were most of the ceilings.

… special highlights for two of my Juice Marketing Group clients… the drapery sheers are from JF Fabrics and the artwork is from Cocoon Furnishings.

To the right… the living room.PMWHS-Showhome-Living Room via Desire to Decorate

Just behind the living room is the staircase.PMWHS-Showhome-stairs

Another shout out for JF Fabrics!!! So thrilled to see such a great representation of JF Fabrics through out the entire house!!!PMWHS-Showhome-via Desire to Decorate

The upper level hallway. I have a thing for hallways, my house is open concept so we don’t really have any. And, I absolutely love the display terrariums.PMWHS-Showhome-Upperlevel Hallway via Desire to Decorate

The guest bedroom. If I recall correctly, each bedroom has a bathroom.PMWHS-Showhome-guest

The library from the upper level. The wallpaper is reminiscent of one available at JF Fabrics http://bit.ly/15cIycd

… and looking down.
PMWHS-Showhome-Library via Desire to Decorate

The girl bedroom. PMWHS-Showhome-Girl Bedroom via Desire to Decorate

The boy bedroom.
PMWHS-Showhome-Boy Bedroom via Desire to Decorate

The master bath was spectacular.PMWHSShowhome-Master Bath via Desire to Decorate


Back downstairs… the dining room. Yes, that's me taking the photo!


Onwards to… the kitchen.PMWHS-Showhome-kitchen


Adjacent to the kitchen was the family room. I love the contemporary art wall display camouflaging the TV in the family room. 
PMWHS-Showhome-Family Room via Desire to Decorate

Moving to the lower level. As soon as you come downstairs, you’re greeted with the workout room! Wonder how many times I would walk right on by? Ha!PMWHS-Showhome-Gym via Desire to Decorate

The laundry room is right after the workout room… avoiding these areas although would be me.PMWHS-Showhome-Laundry via Desire to Decorate

I would likely carry onwards to the recreation TV area. And, of course there’s another bedroom with bath, bar area and wine cellar. PMWHS-Showhome-basement

The landscaping in the backyard was simple yet fabulous for entertaining.PMWHS-Showhome-Backyard via Desire to Decorate

Tired of looking at photos? And, there’s so much more to see! 

Want more client photos? Feel free to pop over here.

Tell me, what are some of your favourite design elements from the showhome?

Enough eye candy to get you contributing to a good cause? So if you’re in Toronto you should pay a visit to Oakville to visit this years’ Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweepstakes Showhome. You can do it visiting the official Help Conquer Cancer website here.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Zen Like Space

I love a well edited space, but this space takes well edited to a whole new level.

The subtle colour palette, warm woods throughout and minimal accessories make this private penthouse by NB Design Group feel almost Zen like.

zen like space NB Design Group via Desire to Decorate {entryway}

zen like space NB Design Group via Desire to Decorate {main}

zen like space NB Design Group via Desire to Decorate {open}

zen like space NB Design Group via Desire to Decorate {kitchen}

zen like space NB Design Group via Desire to Decorate {bedroom}

zen like space NB Design Group via Desire to Decorate {bedroom 2}

While it’s calming and peaceful, for me it almost feels too pristine. I love this space as fabulous foundation, but I would be tempted to add in colour through artwork or accent pillows. This place stops me in my tracks for fear that a toss in of colour would throw the whole look off. What do you think?

More Zen Like Spaces via Houzz. Sadly, Pinterest didn’t offer much inspiration.

Wendy Hicken via desiretodecorate.com

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I know it's been a little while my friends. My excuse? One week of no posts turned into weeks, and starting up again is harder than you might think.

I have however been writing my business blog, and funnelling my thoughts into how to elevate business for my marketing clients. The strategy stage, with an actionable plan, is by far my favourite element to what I do however, I'm beginning to enjoy dabbling with designing social creatives too. 

Without getting into how these creatives tie into respective social strategies, here's a few I've whipped lately that have received good consumer engagement results.

jf fabrics via desiretodecorate.com

... this side by side, really stirred up a flurry of likes, comments and shares. So exciting!
jf fabrics via desiretodecorate.com

weavers art via desiretodecorate.com

weavers art via desiretodecorate.com

Here's one I did, shared via enewsletter, to help encourage new followers... it worked!

cocoon furnishings via desiretodecorate.com

Oh, and then there's this photo I took, and absolutely loved it {the sweet cherry pie cookies too!}... 
elm hill cookies via desiretodecorate.com

See, it's not really that I've been slacking any... 

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Canadian Designers Celebrate

With Canada Day approaching, here's great project the fabulous team at Style at Home has put together to celebrate Canadian designers. 

In this showcase, designers share their favourite design and open up about why it's their most beloved space. 

Canadian Designers via Desire to Decorate

I'll share 4 and I urge you to pop over the Style at Home story to take-in the balance of the Canadian designer favourites.

First up...
Samantha Sacks: Sam Sacks Design {website coming soon!}
A Well Travelled Dining Room."This is the view from my dining room into my kitchen. I love the way the old Egyptian doors frame the space, warming up the more modern lines in the kitchen. It's where my family eats dinner every night so I see this space and think, "Yum, it looks fantastic," and then, "Yum, I'm going to eat!" Samantha Sacks

Tour the rest of Samantha Sack's Victorian home here.

Jonathan Legate: Jonathan Legate Interior Consultation
A Personalized Foyer"As a Nova Scotian with a long family history in Halifax, my foyer says as much about where I'm from as it does about who I am. The foyer is a personal greeting and a first impression, it's often the only glimpse inside a home and mine is one of my favourite spaces.
Living in a humble country cottage in middle of the city suits me - I've always considered my personal taste to be "a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll" and my foyer speaks of both. A maple games table purchased when I was 19, Windsor captains chair and box collection, are all Nova Scotian antiques. They share simple lines and act as a foundation and provide substance. Their imperfect, rustic finishes feel relaxed while a compass-inspired mirror adds light and glamour. The sparkling disco ball looks like it just rolled in to say this is a house that's fun. 
Lavish colours jump from a photograph by artist and friend Heather Watts; its large scale adding drama and depth. Folk artist Barry Colpits' shapely carved female sculpture is mimicked by the curves of a blown glass table lamp, marrying two stirringly different textures. Collecting Nova Scotian art is an important part of my life and it starts right here. 
There is little wonder why my foyer is a favourite spot of mine. Strikingly different pieces (that mix of country and rock and roll) blend to create a space that holds fond memories, expresses my personality and makes a firm first impression with its big Nova Scotian hello." Jonathan Legate

Tour the rest of Jonathan Legate's country cottage here.

Meredith Heron: Meredith Heron Design
Timeless Bedroom."This bedroom is an interesting story. The clients hired me to transform their home. It was 18 months of planning and a nine month renovation, during which I had a baby. A week after we finished, they were transferred to New York City. The new homeowners have since hired me to decorate my own design. It's crazy, this room is now a teenage boy's bedroom.
I love the shade of China Blue we used - a Farrow and Ball colour which was the perfect saturation for the room and the perfect backdrop for this coral headboard. The throw pillows were found and an afterthought really - all we started with was the headboard and the bedding and we just kept adding layers. I love how the colours all seem to relate to each other, but don't exactly match. Vivid coral, orangey pinks, blues that are slightly off. It just makes the room feel collected and loved.
I get asked questions about it weekly and see it pinned almost daily on Pinterest. I love that this room resonates with people all around the world. It's timeless and full of so much life, even if it's now a completely different room." Meredith Heron

Michael Penney: Michael Penney Style
Classic Canadian Living Room"This house is in Prince Edward County in Ontario, a place near and dear to my heart because it's where I worked as a camp counselor as a teen and eventually where my wife Sara and I got married. It belongs to Cheryl and Richard Little and is a country place away from the hustle and bustle of their midtown Toronto home.
This is one of my favourite spaces because it's a classic Canadian farmhouse nestled in an unspoiled setting on a winding country road. The room is true to its roots with large windows and classic details like the rustic wooden floor, which was reclaimed by Richard. He also put some of the historic charm back into the space by building this fireplace box, mantel and shelving himself!
The decor has all of my favourite hallmarks including a vintage sofa that was rescued from a basement, an upcycled coffee table we sprayed in a dark finish, and some family armchairs slipcovered in a casual ticking stripe. Lots of books, candles and fresh flowers make for a cozy and relaxing retreat and make this one of my favourite Canadian spaces." Michael Penney

Tour the rest of this country casual farmhouse renovation.

Some great spaces, right? Pop over here for the rest, and I would love to hear which is your favourite space.

To all my Canadian friends, Happy Canada Day!!!

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Favourites

Okay, you're probably tired of my pink posts but I never tire of pink.

Given today is the first day of Summer, what better way to celebrate than with pretty pink photos, right? Humour me and say, yes! Thank you!

Friday Favourites via Desire to Decorate

  1. Alice Home Lane Collection, they continue to rock my world with glorious interiors and home décor items. If you haven't checked them out yet, pop over here for the latest, but they are a must follow on Instagram.
  2. So pleased to see my workspace pin - board make the Friday Favourites post with Beige is Bead. They are fabulous! You may remember me chatting about them via my IDS13 post... good times.
  3. I'm always shuffling things around in my own home, always have and likely always will. Somehow decorating with what you have by regrouping things helps make things feel fresh and new. Am I right?
  4. Watercolours so popular right now, and I want these shoes!
  5. This post on how to Create Your Own Fame sparked lots of great conversations this week. I'm so pleased. I'm also pleased that my Tuesday {Marketing} Tips are making a with hit with business owners and bloggers alike. Seems my tips always get referenced back to me in conversations and I couldn't be happier. I've created a new consulting offering to help elevate your the marketing know -how even further. Email me if you want to know more. I already have two people on board, and will limit to five. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Beautiful Spaces + Fashion + Food {From Around the Globe}

I don't know about you, but I'm always on the look out for design bloggers, home décor retailers, on line magazines and décor websites from across the globe. 

It's always so inspiring getting a glimpse of beautiful spaces, fashion and food via enthusiasts from around the world, as they see it from their neck of the woods. Pinterest is great for eye opening, drool worthy spaces from around the globe. 

Here's an on line magazine I found some time ago. Est Magazine - they're Australian based and always showcasing fresh & namely modern spaces.

On Line Magazines | est Magazine via www.desiretodecorate.com

Adore Home Magazine still a favourite of mine. Love how the recent issue reads 'Colour for Winter' and yet it seamlessly ties into our colours of Spring & Summer.   

On Line Magazines | Adore Home Magazine via www.desiretodecorate.com

Sweet Paul Magazine a long time favourite for mouth watering food eye-candy and great recipes. Each issue a must read.

On Line Magazines | Sweet Paul Magazine via www.desiretodecorate.com

DH Home Magazine is one I discovered recently, I'm looking forward to more issues.

On Line Magazines | DH Home Magazine via www.desiretodecorate.com

Of course, I stock on these magazines via social sites too. I devour it all happily!

Have yet to find a really good fashion magazine to follow continuously. If you know of any, leave a comment letting me know names and I'll check them out. 

Oh, and Rue and Ivy & Pyper are also on my on line magazine favourite list! How about you?

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Favourites

Given it's Father's Day this coming weekend, this Friday Faves is dedicated to some of the masculine inspired spaces I've pinned recently.

Masculine Inspired Spaces via Desire to Decorate

For some reason, I'm drawn to more masculine inspired spaces, don't know why. Perhaps it's because many of the spaces are un-fussy with a less is more feel for styling, and I like that. I also have two boys, 6 and 4, so perhaps it's in preparation for them (dare I say) to become men. If I think of it too much, it's tearful, so moving on.

To all those who are celebrating the special man in their life :: Enjoy & Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Favourites

There's something so energizing about pairing blue, white and green. Toss in a little gold for good measure and it's perfection to me.

Friday Favourites via Desire to Decorate

  • The Lauren Weisbarth house tour via one kings lane blog is fresh and inviting. love this sideboard photo from the dining room.
  • This summer casual outfit is totally something I would wear this summer. 
  • Are you using your email signature effectively? Found out if you are here.
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Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Blue & White :: A Tried & True Palette

As much as I love blue and white I've never really been drawn to nautical themed spaces - that was until I absorbed the July issue of Style at Home magazine.

The Ship Shape story had me stop and stare for awhile to take it all in. Taking cues from the sea, sand and sky, Jessica Waks, Design Editor, transformed a waterfront retreat. The cottage colour palette crosses a spectrum of blues - with white and warm wood tones balancing it all out for a truly restful retreat. The entire feature was stunning! 

Here's my favourite photo...

Blue & White :: A Tried & True Palette

And, as if the magazine eye candy wasn't enough, my client JF Fabrics pulled together fabulous blue and white fabric ensemble yesterday...

Hope your week is off to a great start!


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