I know it's been a little while my friends. My excuse? One week of no posts turned into weeks, and starting up again is harder than you might think.

I have however been writing my business blog, and funnelling my thoughts into how to elevate business for my marketing clients. The strategy stage, with an actionable plan, is by far my favourite element to what I do however, I'm beginning to enjoy dabbling with designing social creatives too. 

Without getting into how these creatives tie into respective social strategies, here's a few I've whipped lately that have received good consumer engagement results.

jf fabrics via

... this side by side, really stirred up a flurry of likes, comments and shares. So exciting!
jf fabrics via

weavers art via

weavers art via

Here's one I did, shared via enewsletter, to help encourage new followers... it worked!

cocoon furnishings via

Oh, and then there's this photo I took, and absolutely loved it {the sweet cherry pie cookies too!}... 
elm hill cookies via

See, it's not really that I've been slacking any... 

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corndena said…
nice pattern! impressive and creative!!

landscape portrait
Sheila @sZinteriors said…
Love the black and white! You know, I totally get how hard it is to get back at the blog when you've been taken away from it for a bit. What I love is how great it feels once you do! And from the look of this post, you really have been busy!!
Moor of Everything said…
Wendy, slacking is not a word I would use either. Looks like you have been plenty busy! All of these are really pretty, appealing creatives. Off to check out your business blog...
Gorgeous inspiration, thanks!

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