Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays!

With only a day left until Christmas, I'm taking every moment to soak up all the joy the season has to offer. Our gift shopping is complete and with just a few gifts yet to wrap, I'm so ready for good food, delicious desserts and family laughter. I can’t wait for the Christmas memory making to begin. My boys are 6 and 3, so there’s lots of festive cheer and excitement this year.

Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope you have a fabulous day with many special moments.

All my best for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013!

Happy Holidays from Desire to Decorate

Friday, December 21, 2012

Insanely Gorgeous Interior Design

If you’re in my circle of friends, you already know the talents of interior designer Meredith Heron, of Meredith Heron Design. This post is intended for my friends in the US who didn’t get a glimpse of her talents in the recent two issues of Style at Home magazine.

Meredith was ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz’ in the December issue of Style at Home magazine, showcasing a Toronto condo with classic finishes and a subdued palette. The whole thing beautiful, but my favourite? The entryway.

meredith heron design via style at home (1)

Love it.

meredith heron design via style at home (3)

Love the sheep skin over the stools… instant glamour.

meredith heron design via style at home (2)


… there were many of us who eagerly awaited the grand reveal of #projectkitchengorgeous, the kitchen make over of Christine from Bijou & Boheme. And, as they say, good things come to those who wait… we finally got what we were waiting for in the January issue of Style at Home.


meredith heron design via style at home (4)


meredith heron design via style at home (5)

And, Christine’s entryway, living room and family room were also showcased, everything…

insanely gorgeous.

christine via bijou & boheme via style at home (1)

christine via bijou & boheme via style at home (2)

christine via bijou & boheme via style at home (3)

christine via bijou & boheme via style at home (4)

christine via bijou & boheme via style at home (5)

Talk about pretty, right?

I love that Meredith does versatility. From classic & subtle to an eclectic Parisian peid-a-terre kitchen… she’s one insanely talented designer. To see more of Meredith’s work you really need to follow her via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram… she often shares snippets of her design projects through her social channels. I swoon… often.

Finally, I love Christine’s ‘decorate with what you love’ philosophy. She's got a great eye for mixing old and new, mid century modern with more ornate pieces and somehow it all works, perfectly.  She’s now a contributing editor with Style at Home, and want to know how you can add pink into your decor? Feel free to check out her recent appearance on the Steven and Chris Show here. To see more of Christine’s fabulous finds follow along via her blog Bijou & Boheme.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our Winter Urn

Winter urns are hugely popular in my neighbourhood. House after house, entrances are flanked by winter urns filled with winter greens, dogwood branches, birch logs and ornaments to bring some Holiday cheer to the front entrance. It's always exciting to see the various designs.

We do a winter urn every year. It’s becoming very popular for people to buy pre-made winter urns, but, with my moms help, I’ve been making ours for years now. I enjoy the process; collecting inspiration, shopping for greens and creating it. My mom was away this year when I did ours, so this years winter urn is completely chez moi…

Winter Urn 2012 Desire to Deorate

Yup, I’m a big girl now.

I added clear mini lights last week, and I think it’s add a little something special for the evening, here’s a day & night look…

Winter Urn 2012 Day & Night via Desire to Decorate

Here’s some inspiration I collected prior to starting…

Winter Urn via Desire to Decorate 3

Winter Urn via Desire to Decorate

Winter Urn via Desire to Decorate (2)

Pretty, right? I think so. Do you showcase a winter urn out front during the winter months? Feel free to pop over to my pin-board for more floral inspiration.

Winter urns – such an easy way to keep your front landscape looking current even the colder months. The beauty lies in it’s ability to last throughout the winter season -  and since the cold air acts as refrigeration, the foliage stays fresh looking until March. Perfect!

Treetopia Winner!

Congratulations Donna!

You’ve won a wreath and garland of your choice from Treetopia ~

All Glitters Wreath Treetopia via Desire to Decorate Winner

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Treetopia Giveaway

My friends from Treetopia have reached out again this year. They‘re offering to send one Desire to Decorate reader a Christmas wreath and garland of your choice.

How to enter? Just answer this question: What’s your Holiday decorating theme, traditional, modern or whimsical?

Wreath & Garland Giveaway via Desire to Decorate

Tuxedo Black Wreath Treetopia via Desire to Decorate

Gold Tinsel Wreath Treetopia via Desire to Decorate

Biltmore Pine Wreath Treetopia via Desire to Decorate

Pink Wreath Treetopia via Desire to Decorate

White Wreath Treetopia via Desire to Decorate

They have an amazing array of artificial Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands and decorations, in an array of colours. Pop over to their site and have a look at some of their fabulous items!

This will be a one day only giveaway. Share your comment by midnight tonight, a winner will be drawn by and shared tomorrow.

Good Luck!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Getting Our Christmas On

I’m happy to share we’re getting our Christmas on over here. Usually our Christmas decorations start coming out just after the Toronto Santa Claus parade, but this year we only started this past week.

We purchased our Christmas tree yesterday, but we haven’t brought it in yet. We always allow it to rest in the garage, for a day, before bringing it into the house. My husband opts for gradual temperature adjustments… basically, so the tree branches don’t fall too quickly going from outside to instant heat. In any case, we’re all happy we got it and it’s likely coming indoors tonight.

Here’s a few snippets of Christmas throughout the house so far…

Getting Our Christmas On via Desire to Decorate

Have you started decorating for Christmas yet? Do tell or do show ~ if you’re taking pictures via Instagram, share your address and I’ll follow you. Happy Monday!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Perfect Hostess Gift

The Holiday season is full of gatherings with family and friends, so I’m often on the hunt for the perfect hostess gift.

I took a stroll downtown Oakville recently, and here’s a few items I spotted as potentials…

The Perfect Hostess Gift via Desire to Decorate

Sources: Switch Studio and House Warmings

Monday, December 3, 2012

Hosting for Holidays

Christmas coziness – there’s an image that sends waves of happiness through your body, right?

Several days off, shopping for gifts, eating delicious food, getting a little carried away with quality wine, snuggling with a loved one under a warm blanket and watching TV, knowing that you don’t have to wake up early.

For some people the picture is complete when they have dear family or friends they haven’t seen in a while stay with them during the holidays. Though it is certainly fun hanging out, remembering the good old times and resolving to meet more often in the future, it still requires some work on your part. You can’t really spend days in your pyjamas, eating only cookies with guests staying over.

Here’s a few things you need to consider before guests arrive:

Where guests will sleep. If there are a lot of guests, you may want to consider inflatable beds. Rules of etiquette suggest you offer your guests the most comfortable mattresses in the house.
Clean the house. They deserve to spend their holiday in spotless environment. 
presents for your guests. It doesn’t have to be something expensive; people appreciate the gesture alone, especially if it is wrapped nicely…

Hosting for the Holidays via House & Home


Plan all your meals and shop before guests arrive. Prepare some meals in advance and freeze them, so that you wouldn’t be swamped on the day of celebration. Also, plan to make simple yet delicious meals. Even sandwiches can be special if you arrange them nicely, cut them in triangles the size of one bite and put colourful toothpicks on each triangle. Truthfully, no food can be bad served on a festive table like this…

Hosting for the Holidays dining via Style at Home


And Now, the Fun Part.
Once the tedious part of expecting guests is over, you can sit down and start planning the more exciting events: how to entertain guests and what to do when party day comes. First, plan to decorate around the house using nice ornaments…

Hosting for the Holidays via Style at Home 

You and your guests can go through stuff you don’t need and try to come up with creative decorations using unexpected objects. You can even make a competition out of it, with the winner getting the biggest piece of cake in the evening.

After you decorate the tree, you can start making your party play list. Everyone can write 10-20 song titles to be included in the list. Each of you can have one “veto” reserved for a song on the playlist you especially dislike. Make sure there’s enough dance music for that time in the evening when everyone has drunk enough to hit the dance floor.

Some other ways you can have fun with your guests:

  • Go outside and make a snowman, or have a snowball fight
  • Play old fashion board games
  • Sing karaoke
  • or finally, sit next to the fireplace, drink wine and enjoying the company

Thanks Eva Stephen for the post!


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