Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Favourites

I love colour, I really do, but the truth is, neutral spaces have my heart.

I will always stop an stare at neutral space... truly brings a sense of calm over me. This top photo is a little seasoned for me, but there's so many gorgeous elements. 

Here's the thing, I'm a jeans and jewellery kind of girl and it seems the pairing just doesn't fit. Am I right? Oh, and blooms in varying shades of white, love!

I would love a sophisticated casual space, with pops of colour that I can change out as the  season changes. The problem, this doesn't lend itself to pattern for drapery - which I also love. Silly, I know.

  • Want to know what good design costs? Meredith, of Meredith Heron Design, shares a handful of great tips for understanding design budgets. A Must Read.
  • This week I wrote about how colour is equally important to copy for marketing & social media campaigns.
  • I love the dining room vignette shown here, but I especially love the colour palette for Evan's big boy room.
  • Snapped a photo my summer blooms out front my house earlier today. Purple is not really a favourite for me, but the nursery was all out of pink. Nevertheless, I wanted an explosion of colour and these pretty petunia's are already loving me back! 
Happy Friday!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Christie Antique Show

This past Saturday I ventured out to the annual Spring Christie Antique Show. I've been before, but this year my mom joined me and I'm so happy she did. We had a great morning.

The show opened at 8am, and we were at the gates at 8:30 along with a few hundred  others. Rain or shine the show opens twice a year, this years dates May 25th and September 7th. The morning started off really chilly, but by noon the sun made an appearance and it warmed up some. Thank goodness.

Here’s the handsome little fellow I proudly came home with; tall, proud and golden. If you’ve read a few of my recent posts, you know I have a thing for elephants.

Christie Antique Show via Desire to Decorate

Good 'ol Italian heritage, my mom bartered the seller down from $12.50 to $10.00, saying it was for her grandson - made me laugh.

Here's a round up at a few of the other things that caught my eye…

Love these pretty pastel vintage mugs. Should have.

Christie Antique Show via Desire to Decorate (3)

The size of these lamps caught my instantly.

Christie Antique Show Lamps vis Desire to Decorate

Wings anyone?

Christie Antique Show Spring Wings via Desire to Decorate

Christie Antique Show via Desire to Decorate (21)

Christie Antique Show via Desire to Decorate (5)

Metal baskets.

Christie Antique Show via Desire to Decorate (18)

Letters. There were letters everywhere. I’m tired of letters.

Christie Antique Show via Desire to Decorate (17)

Christie Antique Show via Desire to Decorate (20)

I missed out on the hooks I wanted for Evan’s big boy room. I thought to wait, and when I returned they were gone. Lesson learned.

Christie Antique Show via Desire to Decorate (4)

The pile had glass, brass and porcelain door knobs, they were all lovely. Love the glass and brass door knobs especially, thought I need black door first, so I left them behind.

Christie Antique Show via Desire to Decorate (2)

Not often do you see an antique bed suitable for a boy… I think this one is fabulous.

Christie Antique Show via Desire to Decorate (8)

Mini Bertoia chair. Wanted it, left it.

Christie Antique Show via Desire to Decorate (6)

Aren’t these teacups pretty? I told my mom about using them to display jewellery, she looked at me as if I was crazy.

Christie Antique Show via Desire to Decorate (10)

This Murano glass green lamp, so stunning!

Christie Antique Show via Desire to Decorate (9)

This table caught my eye instantly. It was the largest display of Jade dishes at the show. So pretty!

Christie Antique Show via Desire to Decorate (7)

Next to the Jade dishes were these stunning pink pieces. Love the pink polka-dot glasses. Didn’t buy any.

Christie Antique Show via Desire to Decorate (19)

And, finally… these gold plated cutlery set… heaven. It’s as though they were hidden, at the far back of a table and under some display shelves. I spotted them in an instant. I asked for a price, prepare yourself… $750. for the set. Needless to say, I left them behind.

Christie Antique Show via Desire to Decorate (22)

All and all, a better show then the first show I went to although, I still found the items to be pricy. Nevertheless, I’m happy with my golden elephant purchase.

Also bumped into Jennifer from Rambling Renovators and Pam from Cherish Toronto. Always so great to run into these ladies.

What did you do this past weekend?

Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Favourites

My feeling at the moment, the best is yet to come. I've been having so many great conversations with so many great people recently that I can't help be feel like I'm on the brink of something even better than today. 

These photos make me happy too. Can you imagine committing to a pink sofa? Feels so ultra feminine and whimsical. Caitlin Wilson's home tour is really captivating, so stylish yet casual.

Friday Favourites via Desire to Decorate

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Baby Items For Free {& Sale}

If you're a parent you already know that babies come with a lot of stuff. My youngest baby just turned 4, and I've decided it's time to get rid of the baby stuff. At the time, it didn't seem like a lot, but seeing it now - I can't believe how much we accumulated. It's crazy!

We have bags of clothes, 0 - 3 years, a bassinet, change table, 3 drawer dresser, crib bedding, a swing, high chairs, 3 potties, diapers, books and toys on the 'out' list.

Baby Items via Desire to Decorate

I'm offering up many items for free however, would like to sell the bassinet, change table and 3 drawer dresser (matching), one high chair and swing.

If you know anyone who would like and appreciate baby boy clothing, toys and more, or purchase gently used baby furniture, please encourage them to get in touch via email.

If you're a long time reader of my blog, you've seen snippets of our house occasionally so you know we take care of our things. All items are in great condition, some baby clothing were barely worn. (they grow so fast!)

Here's a look at the baby items I’m giving away and selling...

Baby Items Giveaway 1 via Desire to DecorateBaby Items Giveaway 2 via Desire to DecorateBaby Items Giveaway 3 via Desire to DecorateBaby Items Giveaway 4 via Desire to DecorateBaby Items Giveaway 5 via Desire to DecorateBaby Items Giveaway 6 via Desire to DecorateBaby Items Giveaway 7 via Desire to DecorateBaby Items Giveaway 8 via Desire to DecorateBaby Items Giveaway 9 via Desire to DecorateBaby Items Giveaway 10 via Desire to DecorateBaby Items Giveaway 11 via Desire to DecorateBaby Items Giveaway 12 via Desire to DecorateBaby Items Giveaway 13 via Desire to DecorateBaby Items Giveaway 14 via Desire to DecorateBaby Items Sell 2 via Desire to DecorateBaby Items Sell 3 via Desire to Decorate

If you’re looking for something in particular, send me an email. I might just have it, but it’s slipped my mind to find and photograph it.

Oddly, it’s feeling good to gather up our baby items and get them ready for another family.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

JF Fabrics {Fabrics & Wallpapers}

I may have mentioned before that JF Fabrics is one of my clients. One of the advantages working with them is being privy to their new releases right away. Last month they released three wallpaper books and a fabric collection - all fabulous and all making a hit with their customers. Love it!

Kaleidoscope, Magique and Urban Art Wall Murals are all new to their wallpaper collections, and San Francisco is their new fabric collection. Here's a brief look at each one. Enjoy!


Kaleidoscope 1530 via

Kaleidoscope 1525 via


Magique 5108 via

Magique 5111 via

Urban Art Wall Murals.

Here's where the real fun is had. These wall murals remind me of a photo from interior designer Summer Thornton where the wallpaper was framed and made to look like art. 

Urban Art Wall Murals 5168 via

Urban Art Wall Murals via

What a great way to make a plain wall pop. Wouldn't you agree?

And finally, I want to show you a few fabrics from their San Francisco collection.

San Francisco ALCATRAZ 98J6001 via
San Francisco ALCATRAZ 98J6001
San Francisco LAFAYETTE 64J6001 via
San Francisco LAFAYETTE 64J6001
San Francisco NAPA 93J6001 via
San Francisco NAPA 93J6001 
San Francisco STREETCAR 98J6001 via
San Francisco STREETCAR 98J6001

Really isn't it all just grande? Each collection just fabulous. What do you think? Feel free to follow JF Fabrics on social here, here and here!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mother's Day Gift Guide

A Mother's Day gift guide to help spoil your mom - and spoil yourself too!

Mother's Day Gift Guide via Desire to Decorate

So many pretties. Have a favourite?

I don't have anything on my wish list, but I would never turn away from fresh flowers or anything pink - or gold! 

Happy Mother's Day friends ~

Pink Scarf from H&M; Green Shoes from NineWest; Floral Umbrella from H&M; Gold & White Gnome from ImmLiving and original source for the Peonies in Gold Polka Dot Vase unknown however, photo is from Pinterest.  The knot bracelet is from H&M, Watch and iPhone Case from KateSpade.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spring Supplies Available at The Home Depot

Spring has sprung, which has most of us dreaming of long summer nights spent relaxing outdoors or hosting a BBQ with friends and family. But before you set a party date and fire up the grill, perhaps an outdoor refresh is in order.

Celebrate Spring with The Home Depot via

I recently stopped into my local Home Depot and was delighted at how they've geared up for the season. Truly, I invite you to get inspired with all the greatness of the season with The Home Depot. From your patio redesign, to the perfect BBQ, & essentials, to all your gardening needs, The Home Depot could very well make your list of favourite home  improvement retailers.

Did you know they have a gardening club? I didn't either. It's a great place for expert advice on how to create the perfect container garden, growing a vegetable garden to pages of DIY projects, like building a raised garden bed. So helpful.

With a doubt, there's no shortage of Spring supplies available at The Home Depot. I encourage you to pop into your local store and have a look for yourself!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Favourites

In my world of colour love, blue takes the driver seat to pink. You may have made this observation from herehere and likely through a few other published posts too. I really adore it with gold accents over silver but love it either way.

Happy Weekend!


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