Thursday, May 16, 2013

JF Fabrics {Fabrics & Wallpapers}

I may have mentioned before that JF Fabrics is one of my clients. One of the advantages working with them is being privy to their new releases right away. Last month they released three wallpaper books and a fabric collection - all fabulous and all making a hit with their customers. Love it!

Kaleidoscope, Magique and Urban Art Wall Murals are all new to their wallpaper collections, and San Francisco is their new fabric collection. Here's a brief look at each one. Enjoy!


Kaleidoscope 1530 via

Kaleidoscope 1525 via


Magique 5108 via

Magique 5111 via

Urban Art Wall Murals.

Here's where the real fun is had. These wall murals remind me of a photo from interior designer Summer Thornton where the wallpaper was framed and made to look like art. 

Urban Art Wall Murals 5168 via

Urban Art Wall Murals via

What a great way to make a plain wall pop. Wouldn't you agree?

And finally, I want to show you a few fabrics from their San Francisco collection.

San Francisco ALCATRAZ 98J6001 via
San Francisco ALCATRAZ 98J6001
San Francisco LAFAYETTE 64J6001 via
San Francisco LAFAYETTE 64J6001
San Francisco NAPA 93J6001 via
San Francisco NAPA 93J6001 
San Francisco STREETCAR 98J6001 via
San Francisco STREETCAR 98J6001

Really isn't it all just grande? Each collection just fabulous. What do you think? Feel free to follow JF Fabrics on social here, here and here!


Daniela Duriavig said...

Love the wallpapers. I am actually looking for something for my daughters room. Thanks for sharing.

Kelly @ A Swell Place to Dwell said...

So cool...I really like that brick mural.

Nancy said...

Love these collections and those mural wallpapers! Bookmarking their site. Have a great weekend.
xo Nancy


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