Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Favourites

In my world of colour love, blue takes the driver seat to pink. You may have made this observation from herehere and likely through a few other published posts too. I really adore it with gold accents over silver but love it either way.

Happy Weekend!


Shauna Oberg said...

Did a post a couple weeks ago on blue too. Loving it right now, especially paired with crisp white.

Wendy Hicken said...

Couldn't agree more. Have a great weekend!

JAXDD said...

Purple has always been my favourite colour, but lately I've been painting a lot of rooms in our house blue. I just finished our loft/home theater makeover - the walls & ceiling are painted navy blue. I LOVE it! And I'm painting the patio table and other furniture & accessories in the backyard shades of turquoise. Oh, and I painted our front door turquoise!


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