Sunday, April 28, 2013

Luxurious Walk-in Closets We Love

Hi, all! It's Joanna Crain here from Arcadian Home blog, a fabulous place to find lots of interior design inspiration for using decorative accessories and a myriad of lighting fixtures from interesting contemporary floor lamps to ornate chandeliers dripping with crystals. 

I’m so happy to be with you here at Desire to Decorate to share a guest post about luxurious walk-in closets we love. To inspire your dreams of the ultimate space to store and display all your stylish stuff, I’ve pulled together eight images of irresistible closets. Please enjoy!

Luxury Closet photo c/o via 

Ralph Lauren calls this elegant space with mirrored closets the lady cave. I love the name and the gorgeous look.

Luxury Closet 

Men love luxury closet spaces just as much as women do; they're just not as vocal about their search for the perfectly appointed closet of their dreams. This dark and handsome space just might be the one.

Luxury Closet c/o via 

Matthew Patrick Smyth designed this gentleman's closet for Elle Decor's Designer Visions. What a great space—from the hide rug on the floor to framed photographs on the wall, it's a stylish design. Did I mention the clothes storage space is amazing too?

Luxury Closet photo AD c/o via 

 This light-filled space belongs to interior designer Nate Berkus. It's a model or organization and beautiful style. Brass picture lights are placed strategically above closet shelves. This neutral space gets a big punch of color with a tufted golden yellow bench.

Luxury Closet c/o via 

From mirrored center storage cabinet to fabulous intricately detailed ceiling, this closet appears to have sprung from a glam movie set, fur coats and all.

Luxury Closet photo elle decor c/o via 

Does any girl ever have enough room for her shoes? It seems the answer to that question is "no" even for the founder of iconic shoe company Jimmy Choo. This has to be the ultimate in shoe closets!

Luxury Closet photo Jeff Andrews Design c/o via 

Pale turquoise carved panels add a bit of soothing color to a spacious walk-in closet. The brass and glass pendant light seems made for hanging above the convenient island storage in this wonderful space. The sheer volume of the space is amazing.

Luxury Closet photo AD c/o via 

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Perhaps, if we could see what lies behind these fabulous gold-leafed doors we would know if this is the ultimate in closet luxury. For now, we'll just have to admit these are the most beautiful closet doors we've ever seen. 

What do you think of these walk-in closets?
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Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Favourites

Sometimes I look beyond my love for neutrals and long for colour, colour and more colour. This week is one of those weeks where I'm absorbing everything colourful.

  • This room from BHG is perfect Spring room. How could you ever be unhappy in a space like that! So pretty, so feminine... love it!
  • I recently share this pretty & colourful bedroom on my tumblr blog.
  • Did you know there's a few Spring Cleaning rituals you can do for your business? Check them out here.
  • I don't know that I would ever where this colourful work outfit but I suspect it would instantly put you, and everyone around you, in a colourful mood.
  • This bright and colourful kitchen nook would certainly add another dose of happiness to your everyday. 
  • Love so many elements of Caitlin Wilson's family home as seen here.
Happy Weekend!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Paint Colours For Small Spaces {Guest Post}

Paint Colours For Small Spaces

Even the largest of homes have those tiny areas where space is at a premium, whether it’s a hallway, bathroom, or spare bedroom.

It can be hard to make the most of these small spaces when it feels like the walls are closing in on you, but with something as simple as a fresh coat of paint in the right colour, they can become the hidden gems in your home that you never knew you had.

Based on design trends and general rules of thumb, there are colours to paint your walls that can help turn small spaces from forgotten to adored. 

Here's 3 suggestions for paint colours for small spaces.

Light & Bright
Walls that are painted white or very light & pastel colours can help a small space appear to be bigger because it makes the walls recede, meaning that it looks like they are farther away than they really are.

Light colours are also great at reflecting any available light throughout the room, whether it’s sunlight or just a lamp. This helps make the room feel more open and inviting rather than small.

Paint Colour for Small Spaces : Photo Source Houzz : c/o via


Add A Splash of Colour
While whites and very light colours are often the safest and surest way to make a small space look bigger, they can also make it look a little bland. For more personality and unique flair, don’t be afraid to paint the walls with a bit of colour.

If you still want the room to appear bigger, choose a cool colour, like a light-to-medium shade of blue or green. A light blue can give the impression of a clear and infinite blue sky, while green can natural feel. Natural light and especially a large window can also make the room feel like it expands outside when painted in blue or green.

Paint Colour for Small Spaces : Photo Source AD : c/o via

Go Bold
The general thought with painting small spaces is to try to give the illusion that it’s bigger than it actually is. But why not experiment with the exact opposite idea, and try a strikingly bold or warm & cozy wall colour?

Going against convention won’t only give the space a unique personality, but it will also strongly invoke a mood since everything is concentrated in such a confined space. For example, a small space can be transformed into a rich and comforting sitting room by painting the walls in a darker colour and accessorizing with furniture and décor.

Paint Colour for Small Spaces : Photo Source Lonny : c/o via


Finally, when painting small spaces in your home, you do have some general guidelines to follow, but also the complete freedom to add uniqueness and your own personality to the mix. Overall, a good rule of thumb to follow is decorate with colours that make you feel "the best you".

If you take anything away from this, hopefully you can see that those small spaces in your home which were unbearable can easily be turned beautiful with little more than the right coat of paint.

Guest Post courtesy of :: a Toronto painter company. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tips For Organizing Your Home

No one plans on becoming a pack rat. Over time, though, the space we used to have disappears along with our organizational habits. You can't blame clutter collectors for their reluctance to throw things out. Important possessions have a way of latching on to trash-bound junk. Clutter and disorganization demand a multi-pronged attack. If you're ready to get organized and regain power over your possessions, commit to these organizing techniques this spring.

Tips For Organizing Your Home via Desire to Decorate

The Power of Garage Sales

One of the biggest issues of cleaning is throwing out clutter that you don't need. Garage sales offer pack rats some incentive to get rid of useless stuff. Not only will you clear space you can make a little cash in the process. Commit to boxing up items you don't need. Find out how to donate items that are taking up too much space. One of the many mistakes most of us make is holding on to items in the winter we generally are more ready to let go of when spring and summer arrive. Trust me. Spring cleaning will be a lot easier when the clutter is tossed out.

The Three Box Method

"Clutter bombards our minds with excessive stimuli, causing our senses to work overtime that aren't necessary or important," Psychologist Sherrie Carter said in a article. And that's so true, isn't it? When you begin getting rid of clutter, you should have three boxes on hand. One box is labelled “Keep” — one is labelled “Donate” — and the third is labelled “Store.” If anything is put in the keep box, make sure you find space to put the items. The donate box should be taken to a charity shop or any other donation services within a few days. The storage box is anything you can't get rid of (personal or family reasons) but need to put in a storage facility; make sure you take the items to storage within a week.

The "Important Documents" Cabinet

Hidden beneath the trophies, clothes and other clutter that dominates your space, important documents wait their retrieval. You probably wouldn't mind if most of the clutter in your house grew legs and walked away, but Social Security cards, birth certificates, legal contracts and tax documents belong in a safe, secure cabinet. As you declutter your life, set a cabinet aside to organize these and other important documents. For added peace of mind, store important documents in a home security safe.

A Sustainable Future

Decluttering techniques won't make a difference unless you change your organization habits. Instead of mindlessly collecting new clothes, furniture and other possessions, consider how you're going to organize your home. To conserve space, consider donating an article of clothing every time you bring something home from the mall. If you can't live without that under-priced artwork, decide where you're going to put it before you swipe your card. Done correctly, good organization is a constant stream of small decisions that keep your life and home in order.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Favourites

So many things happening these days. As much as I love colour for Spring and Summer, the mere simplicity in these photos brings me a sense a calm.

Friday Favourites via Desire to Decorate

Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Favourites

The sunshine in Florida is glorious. We've been here for a little over a week and we've been enjoying every minute of it. We started our trip with a few days at Disney, and since we've been at my parents place near Clearwater.

We're taking it easy today, and here's my take on relaxed décor with a beach-y vibe. I'm keeping it short today.

Friday Favourites via
  • I've had room envy on this beach-y room for sometime now.
  • The colours of a life well lived, the motto at Somerset Bay Home. They always have vignette photos inspired by the sea, sand and sky. Lovely!
Happy Friday!


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