Paint Colours For Small Spaces {Guest Post}

Paint Colours For Small Spaces

Even the largest of homes have those tiny areas where space is at a premium, whether it’s a hallway, bathroom, or spare bedroom.

It can be hard to make the most of these small spaces when it feels like the walls are closing in on you, but with something as simple as a fresh coat of paint in the right colour, they can become the hidden gems in your home that you never knew you had.

Based on design trends and general rules of thumb, there are colours to paint your walls that can help turn small spaces from forgotten to adored. 

Here's 3 suggestions for paint colours for small spaces.

Light & Bright
Walls that are painted white or very light & pastel colours can help a small space appear to be bigger because it makes the walls recede, meaning that it looks like they are farther away than they really are.

Light colours are also great at reflecting any available light throughout the room, whether it’s sunlight or just a lamp. This helps make the room feel more open and inviting rather than small.

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Add A Splash of Colour
While whites and very light colours are often the safest and surest way to make a small space look bigger, they can also make it look a little bland. For more personality and unique flair, don’t be afraid to paint the walls with a bit of colour.

If you still want the room to appear bigger, choose a cool colour, like a light-to-medium shade of blue or green. A light blue can give the impression of a clear and infinite blue sky, while green can natural feel. Natural light and especially a large window can also make the room feel like it expands outside when painted in blue or green.

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Go Bold
The general thought with painting small spaces is to try to give the illusion that it’s bigger than it actually is. But why not experiment with the exact opposite idea, and try a strikingly bold or warm & cozy wall colour?

Going against convention won’t only give the space a unique personality, but it will also strongly invoke a mood since everything is concentrated in such a confined space. For example, a small space can be transformed into a rich and comforting sitting room by painting the walls in a darker colour and accessorizing with furniture and décor.

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Finally, when painting small spaces in your home, you do have some general guidelines to follow, but also the complete freedom to add uniqueness and your own personality to the mix. Overall, a good rule of thumb to follow is decorate with colours that make you feel "the best you".

If you take anything away from this, hopefully you can see that those small spaces in your home which were unbearable can easily be turned beautiful with little more than the right coat of paint.

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Home Painters Toronto said…
Oisín Butler said…
Great Blog! One other tip for making small areas seem bigger is to paint the skirting boards the same colour as the walls, this applies to feature walls too. For example, lets say you have you have 3 walls that are white and one wall thats light blue. With the white walls you paint the skirting boards white in a low sheen or flat finish and with the blue wall you paint the skirting board in the same colour blue as the wall. This will give the impression that the walls are higher than the really are.

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