Friday, February 26, 2010

More or Less

I really do believe that you can have a stylish space on a modest budget by simply mixing up high and low ticket items. Browsing through my April edition of Style at Home this morning, I found a few things that support my thinking…

The 1st picture is from the magazine and the picture below is a picture I snapped at HomeSense on Wednesday (what timing!). Given the description of the pieces in the magazine picture, you know that pulling it all together was a little costly - and, for $600.00 you can pull together a similar look for a less via HomeSense. More good news, given the solid chocolate colour of the sofa from HomeSense if you ever tire of the blue & greens, you can simply swap them out with something new without worrying about the price tag.

Here's another example from my read this morning. Both pictures have a similar modern classic dining table however, the 1st picture mixes in the clear Tobias chairs from Ikea - while the 2nd picture has the classic Eames chairs at a much higher price point no doubt. Both look great!

With a little thought, leg work and perhaps a little luck, you can have a stunning space because style can happen at many price points. Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fabulous Finds...

I went to HomeSense today to look for a less than exciting thing (a toilet paper holder) for the bathroom in the basement and I came back with so many exciting finds. Take a look at what I found…

... something for your front hall maybe? Add a lamp, a wide-mouth bowl and a mirror or art work on top and voila! You could also add modern chairs on either side you'll have everything you need. The advantage to this in your front hall is that the top drawer can hold keys/change and the other drawers can hold hats, gloves and other things for the season.

... how about the all time statement chair.

... I think these would look great in a art deco or retro inspired room.

...something fun for your kitchen or if you're into red (and as you can see apparently its 'the' colour today) you can add the bench to a console table with the bird cage on top and you have the beginning of a vignette! about art work for your kids rooms? Some designers suggest using art wort or fabric as a jumping off point when thinking about a scheme for a room.

... and finally, this is why I went to HomeSense in the first place. Not as exciting as the pictures above yeah? Hope you enjoyed it. Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pretty Pictures as my perk up!

Today started off grey and after my little guy was down for a nap, the dishwasher was turned on and load was in the washer machine, I turned to pretty pictures to help perk me up - always does the trick. :) Now, on our afternoon nap, here’s a round up of pictures from this morning’s surfing… and in an effort to keep it focused, I'm filtering it down to pretty consoles (and sideboards), since I'm looking for some inspiration for a blank wall in our master bedroom. Enjoy!

from morewaystowastetime (blog no longer active)

Style at Home | Dec 07

H& H | May 09

Style at Home | Dec 09

from my house... #1 dining room; #2 basement (bike artwork standing in for one that's being framed); #3 upper level main hall. We hosted a family birthday party yesterday so we had the flowers... yes, I borrowed them from the dining room to take the picture of the sideboard in the upper hallway. :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Home Office

This eye – sore is the one of the reasons why our home office is on the House To Do list for 2010. The other reason it’s on the list this year is truly because the layout needs to support our home desk top as well as space for both our laptops, when either B or I are working from home (and, if you read my earlier post, I work from home 3 days a week when not on maternity leave).

Redoing the office is a little tricky because while we want it functional it also has to look nice (not too office like) since it’s on the main floor and you can see it from our front door. Here’s what I mean…

The carpenter we use is coming tomorrow to measure up the back wall for built ins. We’re considering building a wall unit that will house the desk top and give us the ability to hide all the wires & CPU. The unit will also have some file folder drawers and shelves so I can display some of B’s mementos from his travels around the world. Here’s some inspiration pictures I’ve collected and a hand drawn diagram that helped me explain my vision to B…

The middle picture is the one we like - however, we would tweak it some so that the middle shelf is removed to allow for the art wall. My husband likes the workspace this allows for instead of two book units on either side of a desk and he also likes having the a hard surface such as ceasarstone for the desk top since it'll be used often. I should also mention that we would like to put a desk infront of the wall unit which is where we would use our laptops and it would stay clear of clutter and allow for a little visual distraction to the wall unit, something like this picture...

Here's a couple of lighting options I'm considering for the office as well...

Please feel free to share your thoughts or send me any inspirational photos you may have to help us. We shall see how this room transforms in the months to come...

photo credits;
H & H magazine
H & H on line
Circa Lighting
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Friday, February 19, 2010

Our picture wall –

For some time now, I’ve been eyeing art picture walls. I have to say while the type ‘a’ person in me admires the gallery like picture wall, I really want to go out on a limb and create something with a little more interest and a little more easy going feel by creating a picture wall that incorporates different frames (edges) and perhaps different colour frames.

I think the ideal place for our picture wall is in our home office which B and use often, me more than him since I work from home 3 days a week. Although I’ll be using the space more than B, I really want use the wall to showcase many of his collectables from his years as a competitive swimmer which gave him the opportunity travel the world. Highlighting his tresures from the Olympics, World Championships and other conpetitions seems like the respectful thing to do - having them in the basement storage room just doesn’t seem right.

Below is the wall I’m talking about… I failed to mention that our home office is located on the main floor and can be seen from our front door which means the art wall needs to be done well, no mention the home office always needs to be kept tidy (please overlook the stack of books and magazines on the desk, I was organizing when I took this picture).

Ideally we would like to have bookshelves & a desk made for this back wall (which is a whole other post) however, I would still like to have the art wall incorporated into the plan.

Here are some inspiration pictures I've gathered for the art wall I have in mind.

picture credits;
H & H | March 07
Vincente Wolf's Wall via H & H blog
room & board website

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The statement chair – for me, it’s vintage.

I’m really loving vintage right now. While I’ve inherited some pieces from my mother in law – which we showcase proudly – right now I really have a thing for vintage chairs. My husband would suggest that the knoll ghost chair would be the ‘funky’ chair of the house and ‘yes’ while I want a pair of them (wink, wink), I would also like to invest in a vintage | modern chair. Perhaps finding a home in the basement or even in one of the boys bedrooms would be ideal. Here are some pictures so you know what I’m talking about…

Love the chair oil paintings from Kimberly Applegate and through her website I found Annechovie - I think I’ll order my ‘Keep Calm and Carry On” poster from her (Anne Harwell of Annechovie) while I’m in Florida next month. I’ve been wanting one for the boys toy room in our basement. I also found Creative Thursday by way of Kimberly’s website and I’m already thinking about bringing home some of her beautiful artwork.

Okay, perhaps I’ll bring a bit of the mid-century flair home without the absorbing the price right now with a cushion or print from Inhabit.

Hmmm, decisions - decisions….

photo credits;
1, 2: H & H | May 09
H & H | May 07
Style at Home | March 08

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pink is still the favorite ~

While I was going through my magazine clippings to build my house inspiration board, I came across some clippings I saved for girl rooms. This of course was before I knew we were having another boy – so while I don’t need the clippings anymore I thought I would share a few wth you. Apparently, pink is still the #1 choice for girl rooms. I really like pink with lilac or pink with apple green.

Oh and by the way, in case you're wondering, I'm perfectly happy with the cards we were given - wouldn't change a thing! :) Later in the week, I'll post my boy inspiration ideas and then post a picture of Liam's room, which I love. Evan is still in the nursey. :)

Enjoy ~

photo credits;
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