Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Home Office

This eye – sore is the one of the reasons why our home office is on the House To Do list for 2010. The other reason it’s on the list this year is truly because the layout needs to support our home desk top as well as space for both our laptops, when either B or I are working from home (and, if you read my earlier post, I work from home 3 days a week when not on maternity leave).

Redoing the office is a little tricky because while we want it functional it also has to look nice (not too office like) since it’s on the main floor and you can see it from our front door. Here’s what I mean…

The carpenter we use is coming tomorrow to measure up the back wall for built ins. We’re considering building a wall unit that will house the desk top and give us the ability to hide all the wires & CPU. The unit will also have some file folder drawers and shelves so I can display some of B’s mementos from his travels around the world. Here’s some inspiration pictures I’ve collected and a hand drawn diagram that helped me explain my vision to B…

The middle picture is the one we like - however, we would tweak it some so that the middle shelf is removed to allow for the art wall. My husband likes the workspace this allows for instead of two book units on either side of a desk and he also likes having the a hard surface such as ceasarstone for the desk top since it'll be used often. I should also mention that we would like to put a desk infront of the wall unit which is where we would use our laptops and it would stay clear of clutter and allow for a little visual distraction to the wall unit, something like this picture...

Here's a couple of lighting options I'm considering for the office as well...

Please feel free to share your thoughts or send me any inspirational photos you may have to help us. We shall see how this room transforms in the months to come...

photo credits;
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