Fabulous Finds...

I went to HomeSense today to look for a less than exciting thing (a toilet paper holder) for the bathroom in the basement and I came back with so many exciting finds. Take a look at what I found…

... something for your front hall maybe? Add a lamp, a wide-mouth bowl and a mirror or art work on top and voila! You could also add modern chairs on either side you'll have everything you need. The advantage to this in your front hall is that the top drawer can hold keys/change and the other drawers can hold hats, gloves and other things for the season.

... how about the all time statement chair.

... I think these would look great in a art deco or retro inspired room.

...something fun for your kitchen or if you're into red (and as you can see apparently its 'the' colour today) you can add the bench to a console table with the bird cage on top and you have the beginning of a vignette!

...how about art work for your kids rooms? Some designers suggest using art wort or fabric as a jumping off point when thinking about a scheme for a room.

... and finally, this is why I went to HomeSense in the first place. Not as exciting as the pictures above yeah? Hope you enjoyed it. Have a great day!


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