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For some time now, I’ve been eyeing art picture walls. I have to say while the type ‘a’ person in me admires the gallery like picture wall, I really want to go out on a limb and create something with a little more interest and a little more easy going feel by creating a picture wall that incorporates different frames (edges) and perhaps different colour frames.

I think the ideal place for our picture wall is in our home office which B and use often, me more than him since I work from home 3 days a week. Although I’ll be using the space more than B, I really want use the wall to showcase many of his collectables from his years as a competitive swimmer which gave him the opportunity travel the world. Highlighting his tresures from the Olympics, World Championships and other conpetitions seems like the respectful thing to do - having them in the basement storage room just doesn’t seem right.

Below is the wall I’m talking about… I failed to mention that our home office is located on the main floor and can be seen from our front door which means the art wall needs to be done well, no mention the home office always needs to be kept tidy (please overlook the stack of books and magazines on the desk, I was organizing when I took this picture).

Ideally we would like to have bookshelves & a desk made for this back wall (which is a whole other post) however, I would still like to have the art wall incorporated into the plan.

Here are some inspiration pictures I've gathered for the art wall I have in mind.

picture credits;
H & H | March 07
Vincente Wolf's Wall via H & H blog
room & board website


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