More or Less

I really do believe that you can have a stylish space on a modest budget by simply mixing up high and low ticket items. Browsing through my April edition of Style at Home this morning, I found a few things that support my thinking…

The 1st picture is from the magazine and the picture below is a picture I snapped at HomeSense on Wednesday (what timing!). Given the description of the pieces in the magazine picture, you know that pulling it all together was a little costly - and, for $600.00 you can pull together a similar look for a less via HomeSense. More good news, given the solid chocolate colour of the sofa from HomeSense if you ever tire of the blue & greens, you can simply swap them out with something new without worrying about the price tag.

Here's another example from my read this morning. Both pictures have a similar modern classic dining table however, the 1st picture mixes in the clear Tobias chairs from Ikea - while the 2nd picture has the classic Eames chairs at a much higher price point no doubt. Both look great!

With a little thought, leg work and perhaps a little luck, you can have a stunning space because style can happen at many price points. Enjoy the weekend everyone!


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