Pretty Pictures as my perk up!

Today started off grey and after my little guy was down for a nap, the dishwasher was turned on and load was in the washer machine, I turned to pretty pictures to help perk me up - always does the trick. :) Now, on our afternoon nap, here’s a round up of pictures from this morning’s surfing… and in an effort to keep it focused, I'm filtering it down to pretty consoles (and sideboards), since I'm looking for some inspiration for a blank wall in our master bedroom. Enjoy!

from morewaystowastetime (blog no longer active)

Style at Home | Dec 07

H& H | May 09

Style at Home | Dec 09

from my house... #1 dining room; #2 basement (bike artwork standing in for one that's being framed); #3 upper level main hall. We hosted a family birthday party yesterday so we had the flowers... yes, I borrowed them from the dining room to take the picture of the sideboard in the upper hallway. :)


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