Our Winter Urn

Winter urns are hugely popular in my neighbourhood. House after house, entrances are flanked by winter urns filled with winter greens, dogwood branches, birch logs and ornaments to bring some Holiday cheer to the front entrance. It's always exciting to see the various designs.

We do a winter urn every year. It’s becoming very popular for people to buy pre-made winter urns, but, with my moms help, I’ve been making ours for years now. I enjoy the process; collecting inspiration, shopping for greens and creating it. My mom was away this year when I did ours, so this years winter urn is completely chez moi…

Winter Urn 2012 Desire to Deorate

Yup, I’m a big girl now.

I added clear mini lights last week, and I think it’s add a little something special for the evening, here’s a day & night look…

Winter Urn 2012 Day & Night via Desire to Decorate

Here’s some inspiration I collected prior to starting…

Winter Urn via Desire to Decorate 3

Winter Urn via Desire to Decorate

Winter Urn via Desire to Decorate (2)

Pretty, right? I think so. Do you showcase a winter urn out front during the winter months? Feel free to pop over to my pin-board for more floral inspiration.

Winter urns – such an easy way to keep your front landscape looking current even the colder months. The beauty lies in it’s ability to last throughout the winter season -  and since the cold air acts as refrigeration, the foliage stays fresh looking until March. Perfect!


Oh that's so pretty! I had great intentions to try and make ours this year but I still haven't done it. Maybe this weekend.
Unknown said…
Beautiful! I always make mine. It a tradition to go out and seek spots to steal.. I mean.. you know.. our greenery! So fun!
K&B by the Sea said…
Your urn looks amazing! I love how the spiky plant in the middle gives it a bit of a tropical look :-) It's so pretty lit up :-)

I'm too intimidated to create my own winter urn - I just bought a couple of small pre-lit trees to put on our front porch. I do add ornaments to them myself, though ;-)

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