Millwork, Kitchens & Baths

I admit… sometimes stalk MLS. South East Oakville is my all-time favourite area to search – for no other reason than eye candy. The recent builds in that area always seem to have fabulous millwork and gorgeous kitchens and baths, seemingly working with insanely generous budgets. Recently, I came across this house and gasped.

front GM

millwork GM

living room GM

kitchen GM

kitchen GM2

family room GM

bath GM2

bath GM3

ensuite GM

laundry room GM

back GM

Yes, it’s grand but details are fabulous, non? It’s unfortunate that the home owners didn’t stage more rooms to give buyers a better sense of grandeur, but that would have been a pretty penny too. All in all, if you have 5M burning a hole in your pocket this lovely bungalow could be yours – see all the photos here.


Kerry said…
Ummmmm WOW! It is lovely. Those herringbone floors are killing me! I will be checking out more photos for sure!
Designwali said…
gasp is an understatement....this is stunning. love the herringbone floors.
Verdigris Vie said…
Keep stalking - this is a fabulous find. That kitchen is crazy beautiful.

Hope all is well Wendy!
Marianne said…
It's fabulous! I do love details and this one is packed with them. The herringbone floors are heavenly!!! I'm pretty sure I'd be happy living in this one, now I just need the 5 mil.

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