The Reading Nook

Wouldn't it be nice if we had a quiet place where we can close out the world and get swept away into the world of fiction? For me, this place is my bed before I close my eyes at night but there's one problem - I fall asleep. I love to read novels and I do, but not as often as I once did. My love for reading got side tracked with kids and this year, with creating this blog... now, most of my reading is in blogoshere, where it's just as easy to get swept away. All in all, both B and I love to read novels and we would both love to have a quiet place were we could do just that, more often! One day ~

This collection of reading nooks are so restful looking and I would love one, but for me, something like the Eames Lounger Chair & Ottoman along with this "reading for profit" print somewhere in our house, would be more 'us'.

Any good books you've read lately? I would love to hear from you... happy reading!


Photos credits: Kohler Idea Homes, House Beautiful, Lounge Living, Angie Hranowsky Designs, Design Inc, H & H July 2010 and FLOR.


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