Bedroom Drapery = TBD

Since I wrote this post a few weeks ago, I've been pulling together inspiration photo's for my bedroom. I think I've nailed down the accent furniture, the layout and the main lighting but today, I'm only hoping to tackle something that's high on our wish list... drapery.

I decided against the art wall opposite the window and brought up a painting which I absolutely love that's been leaning up against a wall in our basement. I love the colours and the scenery is so soothing and quiet, I think it's perfect for my room. Here's what I'm talking about...

So this painting is my jumping off point. For colour, I'm liking robins egg blue, which is a nice blend of blue/green or tans with white. For patterns, I'm leaning towards geometric or big florals trying to keep things more contemporary and fresh feeling. Here's what I mean by 'fresh' feeling... and, yes, I love the shell chandelier! Don't you think it would complement the painting perfectly?

The fabrics hanging off the painting are samples I ordered from Tonic Living - an amazing online fabric store in Toronto - but while they are lovely, they're just not hitting the mark for me yet, unfortunately. However, I've added another to the consideration list...

Here are a few other contenders from the online fabric world...

I love all of these!!... from (website is currently down)

I love these too but possible a little too wild... from macfabfabrics in Toronto

I like these but a little on the traditional side for me... from fabricdotcom

Yes, I'm completely undecided, what do you think? Please feel free to help by sharing your thoughts.


DesignTies said…
Have you looked for fabrics at Designer Fabrics?? I know they used to carry a beautiful teal & cream coral fabric that could be just what you're looking for to get that fresh & modern feeling.

Out of the fabrics you posted, my favourite is the seafoam green with the cream squiggles.

Thanks for visiting DesignTies and for your comment on my drawings :-)

Love the artwork! It's so serene...perfect for a bedroom.

Of the fabrics, my favorites are the first and third fabrics on the second row (from
... said…
Just came across your blog. Awesome! Will put you on my link list:-)


Lise M.

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