Mirrors {Love}

Most ladies love mirrors and I’m no exception… love them! This post was prompted by a delivery of items one of my clients received just before the holidays. This art deco mirror (in an antique silver finish) was one of the items and it’s just beautiful, it’s from RenWil. It has yet to be installed over top of the new lacquered console table that also arrived… it’s going to be stunning! Here’s a collection of spaces that have this gorgeous mirror or similar ones… enjoy!


mirror kathleen hay designs

old house journal

west of the city

home to flip


H & H August 2009

Photo credits: Sarah’s House 2, Kathleen Hay Designs, Old House Journal, West of the City, Home to Flip via H & H, House Beautiful and Canadian House & Home, August 2009.


Diana Mieczan said…
That art-deco mirror is stunning. I love having mirrors in my house as they really helo with the light:) Kisses and enjoy your day

Ps: I am hosting a great home decor GIVEAWAY later today, so please join in :)
LOVE that style mirror! it's fabulous! love the photos 5 & 6!

Anonymous said…
I love that Art Deco mirror too - I've seen a similar mirror at Elte in Toronto that I've had my eye on for months. Love the patina finish too. So glam!

*Tania @ Passport2Design.com
Look at you with your clients! Well done Wendy!

And all of these mirrors are gorgeous! Will you be revealing the "after" shot once everything is installed?
Balancing Lisa said…
Beautiful mirrors! Love what you did in the top picture! Looks amazing!

Luv luv that 2nd to last mirror!
Nuha said…
I love the look of these! I've admired them for a while now, but the neat freak in me would worry about cleaning it and leaving lint all over :(
these are great mirrors. i'm in the market for one in my dining room, hmmm i'll have to keep this style in mind!
K&B by the Sea said…
I love mirrors and I love circles, so how can I NOT love all these gorgeous mirrors?! :-) They're all just so beautiful, and so are all the rooms.
Pretty! I like the ones with a slightly weathered patina.
K. said…
I love mirrors like this that are truly a mix between an art piece and functional mirror. These pictures are gorgeous, I hope we get to see your client's!

Katie @ Goodsy
Staci Edwards said…
Yes! Have loved this look for so long!
Joey Ragona said…
Hi Wendy,

Congrats on getting a paying client - it usually takes a while to establish as a consultant for this business and to be paid for something you love doing is the most important thing. You know how passionate I am about being an entrepreneur. Some confuse 'giving advice' without compensation as 'work' or a 'client'.
vogue living said…
Oh! This is really beautiful post. Mirrors are a versatile decorative element that give instant polish to a room with little effort. Using a mirror for an entire wall can increase the beauty of wall.

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