Dramatically Dark

Rooms painted in bold dark colors have been trending for several months now. I’m intrigued by how these daring colors create instant drama while adding glamour and sophistication. Not sure I could do this in my house but these images certainly spark some interest.


caldwell flake

Jan Showers

scoot frances

Luxury Interior Design Journal via Layers & Layers

SR Gambrel 2

windsor smith

dark room lonny

ron marvin

Are you daring enough to go dramatically dark in your house?

Photo credits; FLOR, Caldwell Flake, Jan Showers, Scott Frances, Luxury Interior Design Journal via Layers & Layers, SR Gambrel, Windsor Smith, Lonny and Ron Marvin.


Staci Edwards said…
No, I'm not convinced on going dark yet - but the images are beautiful!
Kerry said…
Gorgeous images... I've thought about painting our living room dark, but I still love the grey that we picked!
Unknown said…
Gorgeous post Wendy and I love this trend- am going to hopefully turn my main bathroom into a gorgeously dark haven one of these days- I love the drama of all of these spaces.
I love all these images, but I think I'm a little too chicken. I am thinking of painting a whole wall black in my son's room....but it's chalkboard paint...does that count?
Karena said…
Wendy, yes I have in my entry and office/den! It is an inky blue/ or deep blue teal!I love it am still decorating around it.

Thank you so much for entering my Giveaway from

Art by Karena
Marianne said…
I do love all of these rooms. So dramatic. Since I don't see a lot of sunshine in Seattle, I have to shy away from doing them in my own home. I need every ounce of light I can get!
Barbara Matson said…
I too am a bit hesitant! My son wants dark navy almost black walls in his room but I am worried that for his small north facing room, it would be too dark, and I would have to repaint his furniture lighter. On the fence.

Thanks for tweeting and entering my giveaway!
Tara said…
I have gone dark in the past but I will admit that I like it only for a short period of time. It is difficult to live with.
Anonymous said…
I am totally convinced to go dark, but only in baby steps! I love a room with a dark wall - in fact, I've had a image from Benjamin Moore saved on my computer for months now that features a bedroom with minimal furniture and three different coloured walls. One wall is a light pistachio, 2 adjacent walls are a creamy vanilla, and the focal wall is a matte black. I love it!

*Tania @ Passport2Design.com
Jen said…
These dark rooms are AMAZING!! Oh how I wish I had the guts to paint a wall in my house black! I'd probably end up painting them all black because I'd love it so much! ;-)

Happy Wednesday Darling! xo
shopgirl said…
These are amazing rooms! But I'm still a white and pastel colour girl!

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