Louis Love... that's Louis {Ghost Chair} Love

My love for the transparent Louis Ghost Chair, designed by Philippe Starck for Kartell, is no secret. Earlier this week, I was asked about the versatility of the chair so, of course, I shared my thoughts happily. As a follow up to that discussion, I give you this post.

I love that its translucency gives the traditional chair a modern edge. I love how becomes invisible in the room but yet makes a statement. I love how it seamlessly blends with any decor style and can used in any room. Are you getting the picture of how much I love it?

Fortunately, today you have options… you can either make the investment and buy original,via DWR or Gabriel Ross and many others, however, if the $410+ price tag isn’t in your budget you can opt for a reproduction, via Wire Home Furnishing (of course), for a mere $199.

So here you are, my tribute to the Louis Ghost Chair. Enjoy & Happy Weekend!

The originals come in a variety of transparent colours or black & white in a matte finish.

I love how it blends in with this room.

Great picture!

Here Louis is in company with La Marie transparent chairs... very nice!

Love how the old world chandelier is paired with the streamlined kitchen. I'm sure I would miss the upper cabinets though -

To me this is a 'pretty' room.

Can you see the ghost chairs in these last two pictures? Fun! 

What do you think?... are you in love?

Photo credits; Kartell, Desire to Inspire, Flickr, Decorology, houzz, cococozy.


Anonymous said…
I am so in love the ghost chairs! I cannot wait to use them for my dining room! Great pictures, they definitely helped inspire me =)


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