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Recently, I’ve been getting requests from readers for inspiration pictures on a variety of things… so today, I give you my first “reader request” post. I’m so happy to be able to fulfil your request… I hope this collection of beautiful spaces satisfies your love for… purple. Enjoy! Oh, by the way, I've collected so many purple spaces that you can consider this 1 of 2 posts... lucky you!

I love the honeycomb wallpaper here and love how the purple chairs pop against the neutral background. You can find similar chairs here. Image via House to Home

Image via House to Home

I love the DIY artwork in this dining room. Image via Canadian House & Home

This one you may have seen before via design magazines but it's from one of my favorite designers, Sarah Richardson so I just had to include it. Very clean and contemporary. Images via Sarah Richardson Design

Here's a family room that may be a little easier for you to recreate in your own home, not to mention a little more budget friendly. Image via Canadian House & Home

Bedroom images via; Polly Wreford, House to Home, Amanda Nisbet and sorry, I don't have the credit for the last image

Not sure about this one but, I'm adding it in just for fun! Images via House to Home

So, there you have it... my 1st of 2 inspiration pictures for purple rooms. I'll plan to post the 2nd sometime next week.

If you have a decor dilemma or colour love you would like my help with, feel free to let me know at and I would be happy to help!


Anonymous said…
Hey Wendy,

Wow, Love all the rooms. They are soo purplelishous!!!. I really love the bedroom with the Purple and White Carpet!!

Thanks Again:)

... said…
Awesome, I love the subtle use of purple!! Thanks for sharing these lovely images.


Lise M.
DesignTies said…
Great round-up of purple rooms :-) I really like the bedroom in the second-to-last picture. The tufted headboard and wallpaper are beautiful.

And of course, love Sarah R's room :-)


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