Style at Home October Issue - Must Have!

The October issue of Style at Home is fantastic! Here are some of my favorites...

My results from the decorating quiz 'what's your style' is a cross between these two decor palettes... BoHo Romantic & Tailored Glamour - love it! 
This palette is elegant yet playful and instantly had me rethinking my home inspiration board. To me this shade of pink is raspberry like, a pink / red blend which is so lovely. I love how the intensity of the colours makes it 'grown up' and takes it away from be childish given the pink & blue pairing.

Then I turned the page and saw this. This, I like too but I would need to add in some colour. To me this would be the starting point of pulling together a palette... a little black along with some blue or green would be nice here.

Moving on - they're calling it Oxblood & Ink. Pretty isn't it?

To complete this palette I would toss in grasscloth wallpaper, a Madeline Weinrib rug in watermelon or raspberry or a Dash & Albert rug in navy (sisal would work too!). I would use the wallpaper shown here for DIY art project for the wall which opens the doors to bringing in white accessories if you wanted an alternate to the blue.

Finally, how about the house feature from Vancouver, so pretty & classic.

The beatboard, scalloped wood detail (above the sink) and kitchen table add touch of country to the kitchen decor but it really doesn't overwhelm the decor theme from the 'new' traditional look. Which brings me to this...

They refer to it as "gentle formality"... I couldn't agree more. If you edit some of the desk like accessories & chair this setting could would as an entryway vignette... very pretty!

Here there you have it - my favorites from the Style at Home October issue but there's so much more, you really need to get a copy! If you do, tell me what some of your favorites are - I would love to hear from you. Happy Weekend!

P.S. if you're looking for a DIY project this weekend, head over to Isabella & Max Rooms for her amazing DIY sunburst mirror reveal, it's simply stunning! I would love to try this one myself one day.


DesignTies said…
My October SAH issue arrived earlier this week, but I haven't had time to read it yet. I'll be bringing it to the cottage this weekend for a thorough read :-) But right now, I have to take a quick peek and find out more about that amazing wallpaper!!


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