3 - 2 - 1 blastoff ! ! !

At 3.5 my little man Liam likes rocketships, thomas the train and occasionally robots come into the picture. Today, I took on a little craft project and made him a rocketship.

Step 1 - Made the body and the cone.

Step 2 - Made the legs and used blue construction paper to cover the cardboard.

Step 3 – Painted the other side of the cardboard legs (should have either painted both legs blue or used construction paper for both - oh well!) and added the finishing touches.

Viola - a rocketship! I'm pleased...

When I picked Liam up from school, I told him I had a surprised waiting for him in his room -he was asking for hints and guessing the entire ride home. When we got home, he ran to his room and it took all of 5 seconds for him to notice it. I could see he was holding back a smile so I asked why - he said, "I like it but I don't want to take a picture". When I put my camera away he was all smiles and playing. Later on, teased about not taking a picture and he said 'o-k-a-y', here's what I got - my sunshine!


DesignTies said…
Great little rocketship -- I like the "flames" coming out of the bottom :-)

I'm sure Liam will have lots of fun playing astronaut :-)


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