Backyard Dreaming

I'm not sure how I got on this mailing list but I'm so happy I did. Imagine my surprise when I saw this fabulous outdoor living feature... it's 90% of what I'm envisioning for our backyard oasis to be. I love the pavilion, outdoor fireplace, sitting area, separate dinning area and waterfall incorporated into the pool design.

Perhaps I'm drawn to this scenery because it's exactly as it would be in our backyard - coming into the yard from the left. 

I love that the sitting area is infront of the fire place as it would be in a familyroom or living room but I love the idea of having a covered dinning area, with rustic lanterns hanging above... like in these pictures.

I love this wall feature... a gentle way to hide out peeping neighbours!

I've always been drawn to rectangular pools vs. the popular kidney shaped... and here, I love that the waterfall comes from the straight stonewall.

All in all, there's just a few changes I would make... I would change out the flower bed on the left for some grass, add more trees and use different stone material. These pictures give me hope that you can have an backyard haven, even in our size backyard. I could also give or take the pool but I would definitely take all the rest!

By the way, the magazine is called West of the City and you can see past issues here... gotta love online magazines but this May / June edition hasn't been uploaded yet so I've scanned the pictures to share with you.


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