Light it up!

In my search for outdoor planters for my front porch, I came across these... what fun! 
They would definitely get the neighbours talking!

And, of course, if you would rather not use them as planters, you could always do this... maybe this is just the key of convincing your other half that they're a good buy. :) Unfortunately, they're only available in the UK at Illuminated Pots... should I find an good alternative in Canada or the US, I'll let you know.

Again, in my search for the outdoor planters, I found these plastic ones at Ikea, which I think are so much fun. They come in green, black and red. Hmmmm, maybe for the backyard.

This it what I found for my front porch... got it the other day at HomeSense. I plan to go flower shopping this weekend, can't wait!


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