On Line Magazines

More and more magazines are beginning to make their pages available online. While I think it's a great idea for a whole host of reasons, especially for blogging, I for one, prefer the old fashion hardcopy. I think it has something to do with enjoying a cup of coffee, finding a quiet, comfortable place in my house - which for right now is in our familyroom, after the kids are in bed, to read my magazines.

Maybe its because I assoicate the computer with work so it's doesn't have the same allure and sense of relaxation as sitting in my quiet spot ready to take in my design magazines. That said, I still enjoy Lonny Magazine which I introduced you to a weeks back. I hope one day my quiet place will be our living room, a room redesign that B and I are talking about now.

If you fancy online, you should definitely make your way over to Poppytalk. Yesterday she dug up a few that maybe some of you haven't seen, some were new to me too. Truly some beatiful pages await... enjoy! and enjoy your weekend!!


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