How about blue?

What a weekend! Excluding Saturday mother nature was kind to us this long weekend, which meant we've been outside enjoying the warmth and sunshine. A little play time with my boys, some gardening and a DIY project, it was perfect!!

I went to the flower nursery several times this past weekend. The 1st time I had Liam with me and before I even had a chance to decide on colour, he was ready to go home. Home we went - or to Walmart we went looking for a Thomas lego set. We've been talking about it all week.

My next trip to the nursery was successful. I love going to the nursery... so much colour and so many pretty things (which is another post I'm working on). I decided on pink & purple for my backyard flowers this year and picked up a variety of pretty flowers to fill my pots.

Enter DIY - looking at a pair of old pots I had, I thought they needed a pick me up... and what better way than to paint them. I asked Liam what colour should I paint them and he said "how about blue?".  With a quick trip to Home Depot we had ourselves the beginning of a DIY project. Who needs new pots when you can paint your old ones! 

Here's what they started out as...

I went for it... blue it is.

Here's the after... I love it! Adds a little fun to the arrangements, don't you think?

I also painted an old pot for my herbs... so much fun!


Kerry said…
I love these! They turned out great! The colour blue you used is perfect!

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