Outdoor Cabanas... bliss.

This morning as Liam ate his breakfast he said "its a beautiful day today"... and beautiful it's been. We've had great weather for the last several days but what's worth mentioning is that it spanned the weekend! :) And, what a weekend it was... the boys, B and I enjoyed our time together, mainly in the backyard. While I was playing with the boys and enjoying the sunshine, my mind wandered off, thinking about how nice it would be to have an outdoor daybed / cabana of some type included in our future backyard plans. Perhaps that would be just the place for boys and either B or I to rest and take in a little afternoon rest or better yet, a nap! B says, not a chance but happy dreaming!

This is my picture perfect... (pictures 2 & 3 from House & Home)

Here's a round up of similar outdoor daybed / cabana's on the market today... who knew? Ahhhhh, bliss.

Dedon through Studio B

at Neuvo

at Zuo Modern

Palmetto Wicker Egg Chair from PotteryBarn & how Nicole from Making it Lovely incorporated it into her beautiful backyard.

Hauser & a DIY canopy bed

Hmm, wonder what I'm going to have to edit from my original backyard dream list to add in this? The funny thing is... as plain and as bare as our backyard is today, the boys don't seem to care or mind. They enjoy their time playing in the kid pool (I bought 3 years ago) and running through the crazy arm sprinkler. I love hearing them laugh!


I'd be happy with these inside my home. HA HA HA!

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