Bone Inlay, Mother of Pearl, Capiz or look a likes?

I've come across Bone Inlay furniture in design photos a few times now. There's no doubt that there's a level craftsmanship involved in creating these pieces however, I'm not sure I like the idea of actual bone being used for furniture. That said, the pieces are so beautiful they would certainly be a conversation piece.

Perhaps Mother of Pearl would be a suitable alternate?

How about capiz? A few chandeliers that are on my favorite list right now... Gorgeous!!! And, a mirror of course.

How about embossed accents?

Which do you like the best?

Lonny Magazine
Graham & Green
Sangeeta Arts & Crafts
Out There Interiors
Colee Hammock Home
West Elm


Serena Weaver said…
Hi Wendy,

Sang and Serena Company, LLC is another source for such inlaid furniture pieces here in the States. Though it's true that the mother of pearl inlay seems more fanciful, our bone inlay is derived from camels in India that have passed on due to natural causes. Thus, pieces that are made with the material may be extra appealing to environmentalists and those who support animals' rights. Of course, the aesthetic value is there with both! You can learn more about us online at if you wish.

Wendy said…
Thank you for your comment and sharing... I didn't know that. Thanks so much!

decoguy said…
Thanks for sharing all these beautiful and inspirational pieces. I too am loving capiz, the chandeliers you showed are beautiful. If you interested, there is a link i can share, this blogger showed how to recreate a chandelier using wax paper. Have you seen or heard about it?

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