The Brno Chair

The Brno Chair… my latest crush.

I know they’ve been around for ages, but recently they’ve captured my attention. My preference the brno chair paired with a wood table. I like how the wood softens the polished frame. Although, wouldn’t they look fabulous with a gold leaf frame? Oh my.

brno chair elle decor

brno chair Ashley Goforth Design

brno chair frend by design blog

brno chair Canadia H&H

brno chair Terrat Elms Interior Design

The Brno Chair via Desire to Decorate

Sources: elle decor, Ashley Goforth Design, French By Design, Canadian House & Home, Terrat Elms Interior Design. Collage photos: House Beautiful, Houzz, Canadian House & Home


Meredith Heron said…
They are a stunning chair but they are very difficult to manoeuvre in and out from a table or desk. Also, they often hit the table vs. slide under the table so they make for a very awkward dining chair. They look great but not being able to pull it up to a table/work space makes it a deal breaker. We've had to custom make tables slightly higher to allow for the table but then it feels like you need a booster seat to eat there. My two cents.
J MadeByGirl said…
i would love 4 of those in polished brass :)))
Tim@DesignMaze said…
interesting insights from Meredith. I've never thought of that ... and this is my dream chair!! I've always wanted them and so thought I will get a set one day or perhaps just in my home office. H mmm.... so maybe it is not all that practical after all.
Wendy Hicken said…
Great insight Meredith, thank you for sharing.
Wendy Hicken said…
Perhaps a pair as part of a hallway vignette... in lieu of table / chair combo.
Wendy Hicken said…
I think we're on to something!

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