Friday Favourites

Throughout the week I post, tweet and pin (mainly pin) so many pretty photos thinking I’m going to share via a blog post ‘one day’. Well, turns out those posts rarely get published because of busy days, I'm sure you can relate, and ‘one day’ never comes.

So, today I’m beginning a new series called Friday Favourites (in short Friday Faves). Rather than let so many inspiration photos sit in-waiting on my many pin-boards, I’m going to share them here with you each Friday.

Friday Faves via Desire to Decorate
  • I love the combination of blue, orange and gold for a room, but when I saw this photo I instantly wanted it for my wardrobe!
  • Sugar Paper Los Angeles makes me found of pretty stationary. With Valentines Day coming up, I revisited their site and viola… pink, gold & stripes – fabulous!
  • Some how this week I landed on Modern Luxury Magazine and this dining room grabbed my attention. It’s not my taste but there’s something organic about it that had me stop and stare.
  • I’ve been completely smitten by Manifesto. A limited edition t-shirt line owned and developed my Meg Biram. The concept behind it, brilliant. Making it happen, inspiring.
  • I love Rue Magazine, so I needless to say I was thrilled to hear about their new blog site this week: Rue Daily. Have you checked it out yet?
There you have it, my first Friday Favourites. Have a great weekend everyone!


Anonymous said…
Love it! Nice to see a hit of colour in February. Thanks for sharing.
Expecting a lot from the series in February as its the month of colors.
Wendy Hicken said…
So happy you like it -

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