Moroccan Wedding Blanket {Love it!}

I’ve been lusting over these Moroccan Wedding Blankets for a little while now. I especially love the ones decorated with sequins. I envision these lovelies more as a luxurious throw vs. a blanket, and most definitely not as a bath mat as they’ve done here. What do you think?


table tonic

rue magazine


desire to inspire



l'aviva home


decor 8b


Gorgeous right? In all my on line searching, I have yet to pinpoint a Canadian retailer, and given the price point - it won’t be shipping to my home anytime soon. Have a wonderful weekend all!

Photo Credits; sfgirlbybay, table tonic (x2), rue magazine (sketch 42 blog), desire to inspire (x2), Pinterest, l'aviva home, designismine3 via table tonic, decor8 and living inc. via Apartment Therapy.


Acbarnett said…
I didn't realize that is what these blankets were called. They are all stunning- think I may need to have one in the future!!
sooo sooo pretty!! :))))
yup. amazing. Thanks for sharing the proper name. If you find a good source please share!
Oh Wendy, I am so in love with these blankets! I have had my eye on them here (, but they are a tad out of my price range.
Marianne said…
Wow - I have never seen these before! Gorgeous.
Anonymous said…
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