Our Florida Vacation

We had an absolutely great vacation in Naples, Florida. 10 days of glorious sunshine and daytime temperatures in the high 80’s/low 90’s was truly a delight. But, for me, as exciting as it is to go on vacation, it’s equally exciting to be back home. We returned late Friday and surprisingly, my boys recouped well from the late bedtime hour. Before we get back into our normal work week routine, here’s a glimpse into our Florida vacation.

The vacation house my parents rented for the month of April was a mere 5 minutes to Vanderbilt Beach, needless to say our days were filled with beach time - yay!

to the beach

Our daily routine became beach in the morning, return back home around 11:30ish for lunch and poolside (in our backyard) for the afternoon. My little man Evan (he’ll be 2 at the end of the month) naps in the afternoon so this daily regime was perfect… he joined us, in the pool, when he woke up. I must say, the convenience of being so close to the beach and having a pool in the back was a real treat for us. Having my parents there beforehand, waiting our arrival with car seats and a hot meal was also a nice treat. We’re so thankful, they returned today.

Our Mornings…




One morning we saw a dolphin…

Dolphin's in Naples

The Ritz Carlton hires a professional -


Our Afternoons…



We celebrated my parents anniversary, my moms birthday and Easter there…


One morning we visited a train museum…


Liam loved it just as much now as he did back then!

then & now

The benefits of digital photography, we have over 400 pictures from our trip. That said, I didn’t actually get a family photo in but I did get a nice handful of pictures of Liam and Evan that could become artwork for our home. That’s another post -


How Lovely I'm happy for you! Glad you had a good vacation!
Awww, what a great trip! And I can't believe how close that dolphin got - what a treat for the boys!
Unknown said…
What a great trip you had- thanks for sharing your sweet photos!!
Marianne said…
What a fun trip! I can't believe the shot of the dolphin!!! Just perfect!
Staci Edwards said…
So glad you had a great time Wendy - you forgot to mention the dolphin yesterday! How fun!
Looks like you had a fantastic trip, Wendy! I'm more than a little jealous of your close encounter with that dolphin!
Tara said…
What a lovely trip!

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