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I love vacations not only for the rest and relaxation, but for the opportunity it gives for special moments. We captured about 400 of those special moments with our fancy-smancy camera (I blogged about it here) however, there’s a small handful that we’re considering enlarging and framing for artwork around the house. Here’s the photo’s we’re considering…

I’m thinking about this photo for either the living room or basement TV area…Dolphin's in Naples

… for the playroom…playroom picture

… for their shared bathroom…DSCF7326

Others for different frames around the house…

DSCF7247 (2)


DSC_0236 (3)




I tried for my own version of a Christian Chaize beach print (I blogged about it here) but it didn’t turn out as good as I had hoped for… ah well!


Costco offers the ability to enlarge photo’s but we’ve also heard a lot about PosterJack. They offer the ability to enlarge photos to poster size and the ability to print your photos on canvas, which we’re considering for the boys - dolphin photo. Have your turned your personal photo’s into artwork around the house? Can you recommend a photo studio that does a great job?


Staci Edwards said…
These are all such beautiful shots Wendy, can't wait to see them up!
I recently used the mac photolab to have a poster size photograph printed. I was impressed with the quality especially considering the low cost. Last night I also saw that Wal-Mart has canvas wrapping. Not sure the cost though. Love the photographs!
I have never done it myself, but am in the planning stages right now. Unfortunately, the photo that I want to enlarge has weird dimensions (it's a photo taken with my sister's iPhone with a "polaroid" app), so it doesn't work with PosterJack. Thanks for the Costco tip! And I love all your photos. The one with the dolphin is my fav!
vosgesparis said…
your pictures are worth more for you then the ones you show in that post.. I think they are brilliant... and those dolphins!! how great is that! My last post have a beachy item to.. with the light blue.. the have for me ;)
Marianne said…
Wendy, your pictures are gorgeous! I have a great camera, but I need to spend more time playing around with it.
Marianne said…
Forgot to mention, I'm ordering a large canvas from I'll post about it when I get it.
Unknown said…
Amazing first pic! Can't believe you captured the moment with a dolphin and the kids! Congrats They're FANTASTIC!!!! XoXo
That photo with the dolphin is incredible! I can't believe it was up that close!!
K&B by the Sea said…
Those pictures are going to look great throughout your home :-) Love the shot with the dolphin - you should make that one REALLY big!

I just had a digital picture made into a canvas at Posterjack. I'll be blogging about it soon (probably Monday). The ordering process is easy, the service is quick, and the final product seems to be good quality.
Such beautiful photos I'm sure you will cherish forever! I wish our beaches were that pretty! The boys are adorable!
CanvasChamp said…
Amazing photos of beach! I love photo about the dolphin. You should turn boys dolphin photo’s into artwork with large canvas prints around the house.

Create photos printed on quality canvas from The order process is easy & quick.

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