Chocolate Covered Rice Crispy Pops

Tomorrow is Evan’s 2nd birthday. We’re celebrating with family tomorrow night and hosting his birthday party on Saturday. In preparation, today, we tackled grocery shopping, dropped off 2 of the 36’ red balloons at the party store - so they can be added to our balloon order - and we baked. Birthday Cake, Sugar Cookies and Chocolate Covered Rice Crispy Pops, don’t they look delish?


Have a great long weekend friends! I’ll show you pictures from our race car birthday party next week! Happy Weekend!


Unknown said…
Delicious!!! Those look so great to me right now! And beautiful photo.
Mmm those look SO good!
Marianne said…
Yes, please for the pops! YUM!
These looks great!!! Got a 16 month old wee chap and think this might be a plan for weekend!! P.S Thanks for comment on blog.
Staci Edwards said…
Yes, they look deish - save me one! Yum!
Um, yes. These look amazing! I loove rice krispie squares and of course, chocolate!

Happy weekend!
Marcus Design said…
OMG, these look down right delish!! I love this idea :)) Have a fantastic weekend!
Nancy xo
Normally I"m not a sweet person but that photo has got me salivating. Yum! Hope you have a great birthday celebration.

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