Christie Antique Show

This past Saturday Staci, from Inspired by Life, and I went to the Christie Antique Show in Dundas, Ontario. Although I’ve known about the show for years I’ve never attended, so I was thrilled to be doing a first-ever in the great company of Staci. It took us a couple of hours to walk the grounds, here’s a few things we saw…


DSC_0372 (2)


LOVE these door knobs, but that re-design project is well into the future so I passed them by.

DSC_0363 (2)

I have this love affair with cake stands right now, but I resisted the urge and didn’t buy any.



DSC_0367 (2)

I was on the hunt for things for my boys… here are some items I came across, of which I bought none.


We have the little red digger tipped on its side, I was surprised to see it listed for $35.00




Christie Antique Show

Here’s what I came home with… an ‘e’ for Evan.


and, for my wanna-be train driver Liam… I’m thinking it can hang in the boys playroom. Crazy, I know.


Overall, I found the show much pricier than I was expecting, but I’m happy with my purchases and, most importantly, I had a great time (thank you Staci!) – mud and all!


What did you do this past weekend? Do tell. Happy Monday!


Looks like you had fun! The "e" and railroad sign are adorable... I spent the weekend staging my sisters home for sale, not quite as much fun :)
Staci Edwards said…
Thanks for the mention Wendy - I had a great time too! :)
Have a great Monday!
That railroad sign is awesome! Too bad I didn't run into you and Staci. It was great day and I'm glad the rain stayed away.
Unknown said…
I would have so loved to have gone- had a two school fairs so couldn't make it- love your finds!
So sad I missed you Wendy! But I did see Staci! I had a great time at the show on Saturday. I came home with a few items, but could have come home with many more if I had an unlimited budget! Now that I know what it's all about I will be extra prepared for the one in September (ie. bigger budget! Haha)
Kerry said…
Glad you two had fun! :) So many great finds there! Wish I couldn've gone, but had my baby shower this past weekend... hoping to make it in September!
escapade said…
Looks like loads of fun - what a veritable treasure trove! Must have been had to resist some of these beautiful finds!
InteriorGroupie said…
Looks like it was a lot of fun!! thanks for the "pricey" comment - makes me feel a bit better that I couldn't make it :) Your take homes are really cute. I'm heading over to check out Staci's blog now...
Hi Wendy!! Thanks for the visit earlier. It's nice to "meet" you. Hee hee!

I bet you're glad you wore those rubber boots. I wore flip flops and had mud up past my ankles by the end of the day!!

Your finds are really cute.... I can't wait until the weekend when I can get to work fixing up a few of mine... :)
Designwali said…
I need to go to this next year!
Tara said…
Wish I had been able to go too! I picked up a vintage metal letter for my son's room at that same show a few years ago. Great finds:)
K&B by the Sea said…
Hahahaha! Love the shot of your boots :-) Looks like there was a huge variety of stuff there. I would have been very tempted to buy the crystal door knobs.

I've already forgotten what I did this weekend! It rained all day Saturday and half of Sunday - picked up some plants Sunday afternoon after the rain stopped and did a bit of gardening.
jenna marie said…
oh, I love the green metal table with drawers.

I went to Phoenix and enjoyed some sun while it snowed here at home. Glad I missed out on that =)
Marianne said…
Wish I could have gone to this! So many great things to choose from. Hope to make it one year!
I love the e and the signage!
Looks like good scavenger hunting to me!
Barbara Matson said…
HOw fun and with good company too!

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